US Embassy Is Too Busy to Help Two American Children in a Khartoum Prison – Important Update


Meriem Wani with infant and son

Meriam Wani, her newborn and her toddler

Update: 06/02/14: Meriam will not be released. Please contact your representatives and ask them to help Meriam and her two American children. Aske them to support H.Res.601, introduced by Rep. Trent Franks of AZ, calling for the release of imprisoned Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim.

Call: 202-224-3121

From LifeNews: Over the weekend, news reports surfaced that a top Sudanese official indicated Meriam Ibrahaim would “be freed” after getting a death sentence from the government of Sudan for rejecting Islam. LifeNews was doubtuful when the reports surfaced and it turns out the official in question talked out of turn, with the court in Sudan indicating that only it has the power to overturn the decision.



Update: 06/01/14: The Sudanese government said they might free Meriam Wani and her children. They are under tremendous pressure from Human Rights Groups.


Meriam Wani, the 27-year old doctor who has been sentenced to die for marrying a Christian, was chained when she gave birth to her baby girl while in a Karthoum prison.

She has been chained to a floor in a dirty, disease-ridden prison with her 20-month old son and now her infant daughter. The children’s father is not allowed to take his children out of the prison because he is a Christian. Both Meriam and her son have had various illnesses they contracted in the prison.

The mortality rate for children living in the prison is very high.

In two weeks, they plan to give this petite woman 100 lashings for adultery. Meriam’s marriage was declared void because they claim she is a Muslim and not permitted to marry a Christian. Therefore, she is considered an adulterer.

Meriam’s husband Daniel is an American and her two children are Americans but the US embassy doesn’t seem to believe Mr. Wani. They will not help him and said they are too busy to help, according to Mr. Wani.

“I thought this would be the one place which would help me, but they told me they didn’t have time to do anything,” Mr Wani said. “I was upset because now that I am American citizen I thought they would help me.”

“I was threatened. They said ‘well your wife isn’t American, so we can’t help’. I felt disgusted. My home is in America and still they won’t help. It’s getting uglier and it’s not going in the right direction.”

Mr Wani said the State Department asked him to provide DNA evidence proving that Martin was his biological son.

Meriam Wani was arrested in mid-September when three fraudsters seeking to inherit her flourishing market said they were her mother and brothers. They claimed she was Muslim when they testified in court. Meriam’s real mother died in 2012.

There were witnesses to here wedding and her life as a Christian but because the witnesses were Christians they could not testify. Meriam’s father was a Muslim but abandoned the family when she was six. She was raised by her mother in her mother’s religion.


Meriam will not give up her religion. She said, “If they want to execute me then they should go ahead and do it because I’m not going to change my faith.”

Mr. Wani, a biochemist who has muscular dystrophy and is confined to a wheelchair, was preparing to take his pregnant wife and son to the United States when she was arrested with her child.

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