US Flags Are Threatening to Muslims in One Texas Complex



h/t Robert Howard

A man in Webster Texas, Duy Tran, has a US flag hanging from his balcony but the manager of his apartment complex (Lodge El Dorado) told him it was a “threat to the Muslim community” and he has to take it down.

It’s hard to know if any Muslim is involved in this because it simply came from the manager who’s not talking. It could just be a typical case of PC gone wild.

This is Texas! I was counting on them to remain free and American at least.

Mr. Tran said the flag means a lot to him and he’s going to fight any effort to remove his flag.

“What really stunned me is that she said it’s a threat towards the Muslim community,” said Tran. “I’m not a threat toward anybody.”

Creeping Sharia reporters tried to speak with the manager but all they got was this statement before an officer was called to escort them from the property:

“While the Lodge on El Dorado admires our resident’s patriotism, we must enforce our property rules and guidelines. Such guidelines maintain the aesthetics of our apartment community and provide for the safety of all residents. The apartment community already proudly displays our country’s flag in a safe and appropriate manner at the entrances to our community.”

There were other flags hanging in the complex but only Tran was approached insofar as the reporters could discern.

“I’m gonna leave my flag there, as an American, until she shows me proof that I don’t have the right to leave my flag there,” said Tran.

Mr. Tran said he had friends who” died for this country” and the flag means a great deal to him.

Neighbors told the reporters that they wanted the flag to stay.

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