US GITMO Officer Says Obama Releasing Jihadi’s First Team


US Army Medical Officer at GITMO discusses four soon-to-be-released detainees with Pete Hegseth of Fox News.

Retired U.S. Army ranking medical officer at Guantanamo Bay Montgomery Granger said Barack Obama is releasing the nuclear weapons of the jihad, the first team. He picked out four who will go back to the field and who are extremely dangerous.

It looks like the Attila the Hun look-alike contest. They should all be recruited as Hillary’s bodyguards like she did for Ambassador Stevens. If you were NYPD, would you stop and frisk these guys?

GITMO detainees Obama will release
They look nice

Sufyian Barhoumi, an Algerian, was a senior weapons expert and trainer. He was recommended for prosecution but Obama decided to release him instead.

Abdul Latif Nasir was an associate of bin Laden since 1993 and was his top explosives expert. Nasir was a trainer at an Al Qaeda training camp. He commanded bin Laden’s troops at the front line and called for terrorism at GITMO. He helped bin Laden escape.

Yasin Ismail assaulted guards and is labeled too dangerous to be released. He’s very anti-American.

Muieen Abdal Sattar threatened to cut off a guard’s head and called for killing all Americans, men, women, children, and babies.

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