US Is Headed for a Hard-Left, Hate-America National Curriculum This Year


California is seeking to institute a new hard-left, anti-American K-12 history and social science curriculum. It “has national implications, since textbooks retooled to fit California’s changing history frameworks are often used much more widely,” Stanley Kurtz informs us. That combined with the new hard-left AP standards, education will be just that – hard left.

This will do what Common Core always intended.

Stanley Kurtz discusses the troubling curriculum for the National Review Online:

On immigration, it is anti-assimilationist; on family and sexuality, it is radically anti-traditionalist; on terrorism, it tends to “blame America first;” on the 1960s, it highlights and implicitly lauds the most radical “black, brown, red, and yellow power movements;” on politics, it paints a halo over progressives while perpetrating a hit job on conservatives; on economics, it elevates Keynesian liberalism and ignores everything else; on military history, it is silent or slyly antagonistic; on contemporary politics, it reads like an anti-globalization protest pamphlet.

Public education has been a center of leftist thought for decades but this is pure indoctrination and it rewrites all we know about out nation. It’s unprecedented.

California will adopt the curriculum by July 13. They are the leaders in curriculum across the country.

Parents need to oppose this progressive curriculum and “redouble their efforts” in preventing these textbooks from becoming standardized, Kurtz warns.

Kurtz discusses some of the leftist ideas – far-left – that are in the texts.

The authors of the framework insist that the ideal of immigrant assimilation is based on a combination of bigotry and selfishness.

No more assimilating!

Islamic terrorism is mostly ignored and students will be taught 9/11 increased immigration enforcement at the Mexican border. American victories in World War II are skimmed but the loss of Bataan is over-emphasized so students will see our greatest war victory as a grievous defeat.

The US is blamed for Iran.

The curriculum also lavishes attention and sympathy for Progressive presidents and the expansion of the Federal government. Republican presidents are ignored or painted in a bad light. Conservatism is given no cogent hearing.

The history course includes LGBT issues – quite novel for a history course, don’t you think?

Together with the leftist College Board, education will only be far-left in our public schools with the right treated like pariahs at best, facts of history extinguished and leftism permeating every field of study.

The College Board issued a left-biased curriculum framework for its Advanced Placement U.S. History course.


You can read about that on the link below.

AP American History Goes Socialist, Founding Fathers Depicted As Rich Elites



  1. This is called sedition. It should be treated as such. Why it isnt is because of The globalist agenda.

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