US Rep: “100% chance” of more…”wrongdoing in the circumstances” of “Epstein’s death.”


Congressman Lee Zeldin believes “There is a 100% chance that there was additional, not yet public wrongdoing in the circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death.” Some want this swept under the rug but “the public wants and demands answers on what exactly happened.”

The autopsy was completed Sunday by New York’s Chief Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson but results will not be complete until the Medical Examiner has more information. Pedophile Epstein’s representatives hired celebrity pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden, to observe the autopsy.

Guards did not check on Epstein for HOURS before his death, allegedly because they had worked overtime. One worked five consecutive overtime shifts and the other guard didn’t want to work overtime. They were supposed to look in on him every 30 minutes.

Cameras do not point into cells and there is no video record of his death. Cameras point to the doors of the cells, but not inside.

On July 24th, he was found semi-conscious in his cell. It was believed to be a suicide attempt, but he was only kept on suicide watch for one week. Why he was taken off is a mystery.

The Daily Mail reported that he told prison guards and other inmates someone tried to kill him. The source told them Epstein seemed to be in good spirits and was finally getting used to prison life.

NBC’s Tom Winter said on Twitter that he’d been told suicide remains the presumed cause of death.

It is not uncommon for a medical examiner’s determination to be pending further information. However, not a single suicide has taken place in a federal prison in 44 years, says OANN White House reporter Emerald Robinson. It’s that locked down.


The US is the worst perpetrator of the youngest sex-trafficked children in the world. The average life span of a stolen child is seven years.

It is very concerning because here in New York, there have been warnings at our malls.

Only 1% of the kidnappings go reported but there are more than 300,000 children sold for sex each day and more than 76,000 in Texas alone.

There are more slaves now than ever in history, says filmmaker Jaco Booyens, and all races, socioeconomic status are involved in sex trafficking. For now, 90% of the children kidnapped are girls, but there is a growing trend to kidnap pre-puberty boys.

Diabolical “Love is love” groups fight anyone who condemns pedophilia.

You can almost order a child as you order a pizza in the USA. This is an epidemic. Go to Netflix and watch the film ‘8 Days.’

When the filmmaker reaches out to major networks to expose this objectification of women and the kidnapping of children, he finds the doors are closed. He also said in a second clip that the President has legitimately done more than any other President to try to address this horrific problem with actionable work by empowering ICE.

Slavery is alive and well, not just with the rich and famous.

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