US Signed 10-Year Deal to Provide Ukraine’s Security Plus $50B, 10 Years of War Ahead


The Group of Seven (G7) leaders met in Puglia, Italy. This is the 50th summit meeting of the leaders of the United States, Japan, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, and Canada. They agreed to use frozen Russian assets as collateral for a $50 billion loan to Ukraine without an audit. It will not reduce how much US taxpayers put out. Biden also unilaterally signed an agreement to provide Ukraine’s security for ten years. It will keep the war going for ten years.

Senior Biden administration officials told reporters that the loan will begin this year. They emphasized that this [ostensibly] makes Russia pay for the loan rather than the taxpayers in the United States and G7 countries.

However, the US has NOT promised to reduce an equal amount from the funds taken from taxpayers. Additionally, they won’t seize the principal from Russia’s funds yet, but they will if they want to.


France was the holdout of taking Russian assets.

President Joe Biden mentioned that before leaving France last week, he had reached an agreement with Mr. Macron on a plan to use the frozen Russian assets.

France is afraid of Russia seizing its assets. So, What did Biden promise to appease France?


Following his meetings with G7 leaders on June 13, President Biden signed a 10-year bilateral security agreement with Mr. Zelenskyy, signifying a continuing U.S. commitment to support the war-torn country against Russian aggression.

TEN YEARS!!! The US has no money, and we have to support Ukraine for ten years.

It’s meant to stop Donald Trump from ending the war.


US President Joe Biden and Ukraine’s Vladimir Zelensky have signed a 10-year security agreement, which Zelensky calls a treaty. The Senate never agreed to this, at least not yet. Under the agreement, Washington has pledged to continue to back Kiev in its conflict with Moscow.

As part of this agreement, the US has promised to “help deter and confront any future aggression against the territorial integrity” of Ukraine. The US will “support Ukraine’s efforts to win today’s war and deter future Russian military aggression.”

“It is the policy of the United States to assist Ukraine in maintaining a credible defense and deterrence capability,” the pact says. Washington has pledged to support Kiev in numerous ways, including military aid, intelligence sharing, and economic assistance.

“A lasting peace for Ukraine must be underwritten by Ukraine’s own ability to defend itself now and to deter future aggression,” Biden told reporters after the signing ceremony.

In a video address released on Friday morning, Zelensky said the treaty elevates relations between the US and Ukraine “to the level of a true alliance.” He described the security deal as “the strongest agreement with America in all 33 years of our independence.”

Ukraine is not a NATO member, and no one in the United States got to vote for it. The Senate hasn’t even voted.

The enemies list noted in the X post below is a list of Republicans and anti-war activists.

In a recent interview on the CBS program “Face the Nation,” Graham argued that Washington must not permit Russia to win the war in Ukraine because of the rich deposits of critical minerals on Ukraine’s territory, which are worth 10 to 12 trillion dollars, according to the senator.

He made three claims.

First, Russian control over this “gold mine” would enrich Moscow. Russia would be able to share the extracted minerals with China.
Second, if it retains control over them, Ukraine could be “the richest country in all of Europe.” He said they would be “the best business partner we ever dreamed of.”
Third, therefore, the outcome of the war in Ukraine is a “very big deal.” Indeed, according to Graham, the stakes are so high that the US must help Kiev win. This is “a war we can’t afford to lose.”

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