US Signed UN Arms Trade Treaty And They’re Looking to Chip Us


The U.N. wrapped up its Third Review Conference on the Programme of Action earlier this year, during which officials discussed tactics to put a dent in the illegal international arms trade, Gunpowder Magazine reported.

They are looking for heavy-handed government control for what they see as a worldwide gun violence problem.

Barack Obama, at the end of his administration, agreed to the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty but the Senate has not yet ratified it.

The U.N. is pushing for a number of initiatives to control guns and even the gun owner. One is the chip.

Mexico pitched RFID (Radio Frequency ID) chips to track the users of a weapon and the U.N. officials are considering it. In other words, they want to implement extreme gun control in the U.S.

The U.N. is a farce that cares nothing for human rights or national sovereignty. The gun control, allegedly to help end the arms trade, isn’t about that. It’s a facade and it has always been aimed at the United States’ Second Amendment.

The President needs to withdraw us from this treaty. It poses a great danger if the Senate switches over. We must oppose the globalists on gun control.


Bearing Arms explained in 2013 that these RFID chips coast all over your body so just imagine having to hold your gun just so. They could be put into a piece of jewelry the gun owner is wearing but that could also be unreliable.

It is very possible these could be disabled by outsiders, such as the manufacturer or the government. Others complain that any new device reduces the reliability of the gun.

Some states in the union have introduced legislation to sell only smart guns within three years of them becoming available.

To date, no one has been able to manufacture an RFID-equipped chip system for handguns that is remotely reliable. The German-made Aramatix is the best out today and is only reliable 90 percent of the time.

Several of these smart guns for ‘child safety’ have been put on the market, principally for sale in the United States.

h/t Jon Thompson


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