US State Department Is Financing Campaign Against Conservative Hungarian PM

Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Tillerson’s State Department has invested $700,00 into ads in Hungary to defeat the anti-globalist, conservative Viktor Orban which puts the U.S. on the exact same side as George Soros.

The U.S. should not be interfering in the elections of foreign nations, especially after the Democrats went wild over alleged Russian interference in the U.S. election.

The Chargés d’Affaires, David Kostelancik, a critic of Donald Trump’s, who has found Trump’s foreign policy inconsistent, made the announcement.

It appears the Deep State does whatever it wants.

Breitbart London spoke to the official who confirmed it and the fact is that the ads will only be in support of Orban’s opponent, who said they support “democracy and human rights programming”.

Orban wants a border wall, a stop to mass immigration, and has exposed Soros socialist infiltration in the EU.

USAid has been going to Soros’ socialist programs and propaganda which Orban has trying to halt.

The Obama-era, anti-Orban socialist propaganda continues.

The Hungarian government has denounced the U.S. efforts.

Hungarians as a whole reject these efforts by the U.S. to interfere in their elections. Given our indignation over alleged Russian influence, how can we do it to other nations?

Foreign Minister Peter Szjijarto said, “What is this if not an intervention in the election campaign and the domestic policies of Hungary? Which Washington office can judge the applications of media offices from a Hungarian county and what kind of balances service they would like to offer? He also said he was shocked that U.S. taxpayer dollars were being used, as the State Department announced to “educate journalists on how to practice their trade” in an allied democracy.

The first lesson must be – How to generate fake news. We are the US Goebbels media and we are here to educate you.


  1. MSN nothing but crickets on this election meddling……..President Bill Clinton meddled in Russian affairs in the 1990s and helped Boris Yeltsin get elected to a second term, political analyst Dick Morris told Newsmax TV. Dick Morris says “It became public that Clinton would meet with me every week. We would review the polling that was being done for Yeltsin that was being done by a colleague of mine, who was sending it to me every week. We, Clinton and I, would go through it and Bill would pick up the hotline and talk to Yeltsin and tell him what commercials to run, where to campaign, what positions to take. He basically became Yeltsin’s political consultant.

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