US Taxpayers Pay to Feed and House Cuban Migrants in COSTA RICA


cuban migrants

This is straight from the New York Times. Our tax dollars are now paying to feed and shelter Cuban migrants in COSTA RICA. The migrants are on their way to the United States where they get free everything as soon as their toes touch US soil.

The things we do for communist friends.

Barack Obama has been using our tax dollars to pay for Cubans to come to the US.

Cubans receive special status to live in the United States and apply for a green card as soon as they get to the US. Once here, they are on the path to US citizenship after a lifetime of being indoctrinated by communists.

In January, the United States pledged $1 million to help provide temporary shelter, potable water, food, sanitation and hygiene kits to thousands of Cubans who were stranded in Costa Rica while trying to make their way to the American border.

They are mostly men and will send the money back to communist Cuba.

Read more here.

Cubans Flooding Into the US for Taxpayer Funded Benefits

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