US v. Texas, The Case of The Century Will Be Decided This Month


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Congress, our only representation in government, is on the verge of losing our authority over immigration this month in the most important case to come before the Supreme Court of the United States in a century. At stake are the constitutional powers of the Congress. Losing the separation-of-powers doctrine will give the executive unlimited power over immigration and that will only be the beginning.

Authority over immigration has been shared between the political branches – Congress and the White House. If the Supreme Court finds against Texas in U.S. v. Texas, immigration policy will rest with one man, the president.

There will be no recourse for voters if the U.S. wins and it gives the presidency dictatorial power over immigration.

The majority of American people want people to come her lawfully, they do not want full and blanket amnesty without accountability or proper screening but the president does and Hillary does. She promised full amnesty to all illegals here within her first 100 days in office.

In a healthy Republic, the public opposing an idea would stop the executive. That’s not the case any longer.

Leftist groups and corporations are funding foreigners to riot and demand benefits they didn’t earn while all act above the law. These groups also have high-powered lobbyists.

Barack Obama deliberately announced his amnesty of illegal alien children and parents after the election in 2014 which is what this case will be deciding. It’s so much more than DACA and DAPA however, it’s about the powers of the presidency.

Until Trump came along, Republicans were barely talking about the illegal immigration problem. They echoed Barack Obama’s appeal for immigration reform as he violated the laws we have in place.

Congress has been ceding their power for decades and that ramped up under Obama. Congress never said a word about the lawless DACA and still don’t, thereby giving up their powers – our representation. Whether they agreed with DACA or not, they had no right to give up the powers of Congress.

If the Supreme Court finds on the side of the government, it gives them almost unlimited power. Immigration policy will be decreed by an all-powerful government.

The Democrats see a demographic change as forever transforming the nation into a one-party country under their rule and it will, yet Congress refuses to assert its power.

The globalists are winning or perhaps they’ve already won.

John Kerry recently called for borderless nations in a commencement speech and that is the end point.

We know what this means, sanctuary cities will morph into a sanctuary country, the tens of thousands of illegal criminals roaming our streets will not be eligible for deportation, more drugs will pour over our borders, terrorists will slip through our open borders, and jobs will continue to go to foreigners over citizens.

It’s suicide.

All of the abysmal job growth went to legal and illegal immigrants and that will continue. We simply can’t absorb every foreigner who wants to come here and without proper screening, do we want them?

Daniel Costa, the Director of Immigration Law and Policy Research at the Economic Policy Institute, testified before Congress Wednesday and said rules requiring recruitment of U.S. workers first are not enforced at all.

This unfettered immigration and open borders is costing Americans jobs.

This is who we are now. These are our values as we march to Third World status. When people go to vote in November, they need to keep in mind all the rights that will be lost under a President Clinton. These Democrats are Totalitarians.

Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, wrote on the Scotusblog that a decision against Texas “would emasculate the ability of Congress to set immigration limits and standards, and it would render the courts irrelevant in ensuring the enforcement of the very same.”


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