US Vet Rebukes Rapinoe as She Embarrasses the US Again



Army Special Forces veteran and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy on Monday criticized Rapinoe for refusing to sing the Anthem and for her vulgar refusal to visit the White House.

“Being a gay American, I know what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties,” Rapinoe, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, said at the time, according to USA Today.

Rapinoe began to kneel in 2016 when Marxist Colin Kaepernick knelt during the National Anthem, pretending it was to protest police brutality and oppression. It’s now clear he hates the USA.

Players are required to stand during the anthem, but Rapinoe refuses to sing or put her hand over her heart. She also told a reporter that she was “not going to the f—ing White House.” The anti-Trump, anti-Anthem Rapinoe also urged her mates to not go. At the same time, she accepted an invitation from communist AOC to visit the House of Representatives.

Kennedy, in an interview with Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on Monday, said her protest was “sad” and “disappointing.”

“We’re an imperfect country, and we have been, but we’re the greatest country in the world,” he said. “And an opportunity to represent to the world really how spectacular we are and what kind of a place it is to live here, I think they’re just wasting that opportunity.”

Kennedy said athletes like Rapinoe have a “privileged position” by “representing” the U.S. He said he could not imagine “having an American flag on your shoulder” and not projecting unity when the “whole entire world is watching you.”


After scoring the second goal in the World Cup for a 2-1 win over England on Tuesday, player Alex Morgan celebrated by pretending to drink a cup of tea, hoisting a pinkie in the air.

This is what we have representing the United States in the Women’s World Cup Soccer. Isn’t that just fabulous?

As an aside, Rapinoe is not happy with FIFA’s “ridiculous and disappointing” scheduling decision.

“It’s ridiculous, and disappointing, to be honest,” Rapinoe complained, according to the New York Post.

At issue is a triple lineup of championship games set to air Sunday as the U.S. women’s soccer team goes for its fourth World Cup. The Copa América and CONCACAF Gold Cup, two men’s tournaments, will air soon after the women’s final.

Actually, that should give them more visibility, but she doesn’t like it.

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