US Woman Stabbed to Death by Recent Migrant to Paris France


A U.S. woman from Rye, New Hampshire, Cathy Scherer McDonough, was stabbed to death by a migrant in Paris while she was visiting her daughter in Paris.

The killer was a migrant from Gambia who had only recently arrived in Paris. The homeless man objected to Mrs. McDonough taking photos of graffiti. People heard her screams as she was stabbed.

Witnesses saw him pacing back and forth with the knife after the murder.

Tragically, an innocent woman – a tourist – taking photos was murdered in broad-day light.

Where is the outcry from the women of world over yet another woman killed by a “migrant’ in France?

The media fails to mention why or how this migrant came to France but he was seen menacing people with a knife. Was he vetted?

Just like in Sweden, Germany and other parts of Europe, these crime against women seems to be swept under the table by the media more concerned with protecting Migrants than women.

I am outraged. Where are the Pink Pussy Cat Hat wearing women of the world today? I hear crickets.

The real problem in the world are the Women who abused, maimed, murdered, stoned, disfigured by the likes of a certain group of men who
have no regard for the female gender. The women of the world should be demanding why the leaders of Europe are
doing nothing to protect their citizens against these type of crimes perpetrated by “migrants’ who sexually assault and/or murder women.

Is the media digging deeper into this story. Who allowed this Migrant into France? Does he work? Does he have a family? Why did he kill this woman?

Her sister posted this on her Facebook page:

Dear friends and family,
The media has started to try to contact family members, and God knows who else. The family respectfully asks for privacy at this time, if you’re media reading this, please leave the house. Please do not try to contact neighbors, family and friends. A statement will be released at a time when we deem it necessary and have all of the facts.
Thank you for your respect.

Reuters posted the minimal details given by the French authorities:

French police detained a suspect after an American woman was stabbed to death on Thursday in an eastern suburb of Paris, a police source said.

The source gave no details of the incident which took place in Montreuil and did not identify the victim beyond saying that an American passport was found on her.

Le Figaro newspaper said on its website that the woman was a tourist aged about 50. It said the attacker was a homeless person who objected to her taking photos of graffiti on walls in the area.

The police source could not confirm whether the attacker was a homeless person, saying the investigation would determine the exact circumstances.

The information from Breitbart:

A recent arrival – a migrant – slashed her cartoid artery. She was stabbed at least six times. The woman was taking photos in a commune with the highest foreign population.

One of her friends wrote on Facebook:

“This is a tough one. We have a hole in our hearts after the loss of one of our favorite people. Cathy Scherer McDonough was a great friend to anyone who knew her. Her talents were many but most of all, she was caring, funny, smart, supportive, a great Mom, and a lover of nature. She was responsible for many of the pictures you have seen on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Our thoughts go out to her husband John and her son Aaden and daughter Kahle. We love you Cathy and we will miss you terribly.”

Cathleen is on the left.

Some of her beautiful photos.

“The wind rises one must try to live” – and she did.

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