US’ Worst Terrorist, Khalid Sheik Mohammed Has a Penpal


Danny Perl

Danny Perl

In an outrageous security breach, Khalid Sheik Mohammed is communicating with a penpal in Nottingham England.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM), self-confessed mastermind behind the 9/11 attack and the worst terrorist currently in the United States, once said he used “his blessed right hand” to behead the innocent journalist Danny Perl.

KSM, who is being held in Guantanamo (GITMO), is now sending propaganda pieces to a UK citizen, pieces that were smuggled out by his lawyers.



While the media has made much of the water boarding and less of his horrendous crimes, KSM has been allowed to redesign a vacuum cleaner, eat snickers, read Harry Potter and the Koran in his air-conditioned cell at GITMO.

The Guardian, a British publication, broke the story that Khalid has also been writing to a penpal. KSM wrote a 27-page propaganda piece to a Christian young man, Rory Green, now in the UK. Communications between the two begun in 2011.

Green said the communications began while he was studying for a degree in athletics at Wingate University in North Carolina in 2011.

Green received a 27-page reply, which was translated and retyped by KSM’s lawyers after being smuggled out of Khalid’s prison.

In the reply KSM debases Christianity.

Rory Green

Rory Green

Green’s response to the 27-page reply according to the Guardian:

“I am not surprised by [the letter]. But I am in the sense that it is a very pleasant, very polite letter. He is obviously an educated individual, an intellectual. It must be so lonely in that prison. I just had this compassion for him. I thought this man needs Jesus as much as the average Joe – who else is going to reach out to this man with love and prayers?”

“I think terrorism is disgusting and senseless. If he is guilty, I pray for justice to be done, whatever that looks like to the courts. But this man is in a serious life-threatening situation. I just want to build a relationship, be his friend, talk to him more about his faith.”

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