USA Is Back! Multi-Billion Dollar Infrastructure Deals with the Saudis, No Bowing, No Hijabs


No more bowing!

America is back but the left is responding badly on social media.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held a joint press conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

At one point in his opening statement Adel Al-Jubeir told reporters the House of Saud was looking forward to “draining the swamp” of extremism.

The U.S. and the Saudis have agreed to fight ISIS together.

Earlier this year, Bret Baier of Fox News interviewed Prince Faisal Bin Farhan Al Saud, an advisor to Deputy Crown Prince Al Saud who said they’re “more than ready to cooperate with the United States on countering ISIS in Syria and Iraq, across the region, not just financially but the Saudi government offered during the Obama administration’s time to send its troops into Syria to fight ISIS, that was not met with enthusiasm by the Obama administration.”

Lucrative Infrastructure Deal

Thanks to Trump, the Saudi sovereign wealth fund will invest $40 billion in a new Blackstone fund and it will focus on upgrading existing infrastructure primarily in the United States.

This was announced just hours after the U.S. president Donald Trump landed in Riyadh for his first foreign visit since inauguration.

Blackstone will invest $100 billion in U.S. infrastructure and the president of the company has been courting the Saudis.

Also this weekend, the Saudis Public Investment Fund (PIF) will commit $45 billion to a new $90 billion technology investment fund. Yasir Al Rumayyan, the PIF’s managing director, said: “This potential investment reflects our positive views around the ambitious infrastructure initiatives being undertaken in the United States as announced by President Trump, and the strategic opportunity for the Public Investment Fund to achieve long-term returns given historical investment shortfalls,” Financial Times reported.

It will also created U.S. jobs and improved economic opportunities.

There was a 90-person Royal Air Force to greet the U.S.

Arms Deal to Fight ISIS and Iran, State Sponsors of Terror

Other business deals included a $100 billion dollar arms deal to enable the Saudis to protect themselves from the Iranians who gained hegemony in the region under Obama.

The NY Times said the on May 1 Jared Kushner welcomed top-level Saudis to a “gilded reception room”. It wasn’t just any room. It was “gilded”.

Cost for one of the items the Saudis were considering, but for the price, spurred Jared Kushner to call the chief executive of Lockheed Martin Marilyn Hewson and asked her if she could cut the price.

“Everyone was ‘slack-jawed'”, the NY Times reported, as if negotiating a deal is a bad thing. The saudis should overpay like we do for everything military.

These weapons will also be used to fight ISIS according to the Saudis.

The Saudis did not have to donate to Hillary’s foundation as they have in the past when arms deals were worked out.

Melania did not wear hijab.

The Saudis not only rolled out the red carpet, King bin Salman walked to the end of the carpet to meet the President and Melania. That’s a sign or respect.

MSM Is Trying to Turn the Trip Into a Negative

CBS said because the Saudis had difficulty with the carpet, it’s an omen of things to come. Major Garrett, formerly of Fox, also mocked the President for asking the King if he gets to New York much since the King isn’t much of a traveler.

Garrett left out the significance of the King greeting the President at the airport with the 90-member Royal Air Force and high-ranking royals.

Who cares? What we really need to know is how much ice cream Trump had compared with the King.

Far Different From How They Greeted Barack Obama

This is what actually happened.

The King shook hands with Melania in a sign of respect, something that’s never done.

There were American flags everywhere to greet the First Family. They played the Star Spangled Banner, showing more respect than some in our own nation show.

Democrats in the U.S. burn those flags.

Check out the reception.

The President was given the highest medal Saudis can award.

King Abdul Aziz awards the Medal of Merit to President Trump.

When then-president Barack Obama visited Saudi Arabia in 2016, the lower-level officials greeted him in a big snub. Obama made the region far more dangerous.

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