USA Is Now Talking Socialism, the Ideology of Tyranny


Democrats have fully embraced the hard-left and their agenda is socialism. In an article by Jeffrey A. Tucker at, he writes that socialism will deprive us of what we need to survive.

Every Democrat candidate is calling for socialism.

This paragraph, in particular, is the most important one from Tucker’s essay:

“What history and theory show about socialism is that in real life it has nothing to do with social welfare, improved conditions for humankind, or justice, much less fine-tuning the global climate to make it perfectly match scientific prognostications. Even when it doesn’t achieve economic collapse and famine, socialism defaults to an economy of restriction and corruption and the granting of terrible power to the ruling class, which then uses the system to pillage what it can while the masses suffer.”

Leader McConnell said he never thought he’d have to fight socialism.

Even more ludicrous is Joy Reid asking Cory Booker if Mitch McConnell is a threat to democracy. He is actually a threat to socialism and that is what they mean when they say democracy.


The Twentieth Century was one of the most brutal in history. The people who died in wartime pales compared to the people killed by their own government. Close to 100 million people have been murdered by their own government as documented in the book, Death by Government, thanks to socialism/communism.

Professor Williams, who wrote the book, says, Americans love government because the government can do things the people can’t do without going to jail. For example, if someone steals money, they go to jail, but when the government steals it for us, it’s okay.

The Founding Fathers wanted a very limited government to prevent tyranny. Unfortunately, Americans have lost their way.


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