USA Moves Toward Communism: If This Doesn’t Frighten You, Nothing Will



Yesterday, I discovered that the government now has to approve every mortgage the banks dole out. The person who told me said it needed to be done to protect us from future housing bubbles. This is while the government is forcing banks to give mortgages to the government’s favored and protected classes. The government now does the appraisal – an overly expensive appraisal – and they decide what the house and property are worth. They now have the power to reduce the price of your land or pick winners and losers.

That will be very convenient as they take over lands throughout this country.

There is an interview at The Daily Caller, everyone should listen to and they should heed the warning as a filmmaker explains the true nature of Progressivism and of their end goal while comparing it to the communist takeover of his native country.

A doctor I know left Canada because of the low salaries and imposing regulations of the socialist healthcare system. She said that what is happening in America now is far beyond socialism and this filmmaker would agree with her.

The Cuban-American filmmaker of Covering Cuba,, Agustin Blazquez, expressed the views of many here in America who are paying attention and that is — America is gradually accepting communism.

Progressivism, he said is a combination of communism, socialism, and neo-Fascism.

We see that in the efforts by government to silence the opposition as in the case of the Attorneys General who are attempting to prosecute companies and individuals in those companies who deny their particular version of global warming, as only one example of many.

Blazquez said the left has been very clever, they use deceiving and palatable words like “liberal”, “progressive” and “concerned citizens” to mask their movement towards all-powerful Big Government.

They are not liberal, they believe in government control, and the concerned citizens are socialists and communists. They are the ones who went to Cuba to help Castro.

Concerned citizens are the words used to describe the communists and socialists in Black Lives Matter, MoveOn, People4Bernie, and others. Obama has even made them advisors.

Progressives in the Democrat party and in other countries use the name ‘Progressive’ for communism, the filmmaker said. They are bad people and they are enemies of this country. “It’s very scary”, he added.

Americans don’t have the education and they have convinced Americans that to be anti-communist is very bad.

He continued. The liberals and the communists believe in the government controlling every single aspect of every person’s life. People eventually lose incentive.

We saw that very clearly in Life of Julia where they laid out the government-controlled life from age 0 to death. It was an Obama campaign mantra in 2012.

When Common Core first hit the scene in New York, communists joined the anti-Core groups because they feared that it would affect their teacher unions. There were anti-Core sites on Facebook that included these groups. When anyone blogged against a communist on them, they were pilloried by dozens of leftists and, alarmingly they were joined by ordinary Americans who were not communists.

What Mr. Blazquez sees happening mirrors the movement in his country of Cuba which began with an embrace of socialism and ended in communism.

Bernie is the end result of the Marxist education that began in the 1960s, he said. The leftists control the media and the education in this country. As a result, young people support communists.

He doesn’t understand the American Jews supporting these people who will take everything they have – their freedom. Americans are being taken.

The trends worry him because “it’s all so familiar to him, it’s frightening, it’s all over again, I know the end result, and the end result is not good.”

He disliked Obama from the beginning because he recognized his Marxism and communism in his political discourse and in his efforts to incite. He said, you can’t criticize Obama or you will be called a racist.

Blazquez saw Obama’s recent trip to Cuba as a betrayal and it made him “want to throw up” because it was a “betrayal to victims of Communism.”

There are “so many Mandelas” in Cuban prisons, says Blazquez, who are tortured, denied medical attention and abused. But prominent black elites from America like the Congressional Black Caucus are blind to their “betrayal of blacks in Cuba.”

Blacks in Cuba are the poorest and are the lowest echelon in Cuba.

Communist systems are always the same, he said, and it follows a way to control the people. Communists have been around since 1917 and it’s still going on, Cuba, Cambodia, Russia, China, Laos and the killing is still going on.

The Black Book of Communism explained that at the time about 100 million were killed but the killings and torture continue he warned.

Wake up, he told America, start reading.

This ideology can become a tyranny and people won’t know until “the moment they can’t do anything about it,”  Blazquez said. They think they will be the elite. The elite in these situations will be in a precarious position and are always walking on eggshells – you could disappear tomorrow. You never know who the informer is and you are watched. They control you and have records from birth to death.

We can see that happening. Common Core is establishing databases on every child that will follow them throughout their career, though, for now, they say it’s kept anonymous, something that could easily be reversed. Obama is building massive databases on every American, particularly ones that unnaturally force power from whites to blacks.

The only one who is safe in communism is the leader on top, Mr. Blazquez says.

The people who try to expose this are given no coverage. The leftists use deception, propaganda, and lies and the leftist film industry control what people will see, he continued.

Obama and Hillary are the master liars as are their minions.

This clip is half of the interview. Click below for the entire video.


This past week, the Peoples’ World, with its origins in Soviet communism, has been hailing Bernie Sanders “revolution.” The Communist Party USA publication is very pleased with the leftward march of the Democrat party in this country.

Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the Democratic Party made a Bernie possible, they believe, and it now engrains Soviet communism in the US culture and politics as both acceptable, mainstream, and even desirable.

They see Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of the Democratic Party as having made a candidate like Bernie possible and they are right.

John Bachtell, Communist Party USA chair, writes in Bernie in People’s World that the Sanders campaign will defeat the “Republican right and has the potential to galvanize long-term transformative change. The campaign is also a movement.”

Bachtell then compares it to Obama’s campaign against the right, the wealthy, and all establishment politics.

He writes ominously:

“Seeds of change are being sown and foundations are being laid for deeper-going changes in the future….”

“The campaign is expanding the collective political imagination and injecting radical ideas into the body politic. It has legitimized democratic socialism in the national conversation. Sanders is also influencing Hillary Clinton to adopt more progressive positions on a wide range of issues,” he continued.

More on the political revolution from the magazine:

But Sanders understands if he is elected his radical economic and social agenda including breaking up the big banks, universal health care, tuition-free university, massive jobs creation, expanding Social Security, and repealing Citizen’s United will go nowhere given the vice grip the GOP and extreme right has on Congress.

The only way to realize a radical agenda is through a “political revolution.”… Sanders sees his campaign as part of a much bigger movement that must be built.

A political revolution rests on building a broad coalition…. A political revolution will be fueled by ongoing shifts in public attitudes. Majorities of Americans now favor taxing the rich, raising the minimum wage, immigration reform, abortion rights, marriage equality, criminal justice reform, and action to curb the climate crisis. New social movements are influencing millions at the grassroots including the Fight for 15, Black Lives Matter, The Dreamers, reproductive rights, marriage equality, and climate justice activists.

A political revolution is based on the idea that majorities make change. It is not enough for majorities to believe in an idea, they must actively fight for it…. Movements are acting both within and outside the Democratic Party and comprise many of the key forces in the anti-right alliance.

If this doesn’t frighten you, nothing will. Obama is planting the seeds of this revolution and his army are the madmen and illegals he has enlisted. He plans to remain in DC and anyone who tries to interfere with his successful Marxist infiltration will be assailed. Obama went to DC to transform and to destroy the right. He has been remarkably successful.


LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE VIDEO HERE and read more about the Communist Party USA by Paul Kengor at Truth Revolt

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