USCIS Union Chief – Illegal Aliens Are “Customers”


Welcome terrorists

The immigration bill gives almost immediate legal status to people here illegally with little time for proper vetting by our government. The bill refers to them as “New Americans.” The USCIS union president said that law enforcement is expected to call people here illegally “customers.”

In a statement obtained by Fox News, Kenneth Palinkas voiced strong opposition to the immigration bill currently being marked up in the Senate. Mr. Palinkas is the President of the National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council, a union representing 12,000 US Citizenship and Immigration Services officers and staff.

Standing with ICE and other law enforcement around the country he said that they were not consulted during the writing of the bill which actually makes the immigration situation worse. He said the bill was written by special interests and it “makes the current system worse, not better. S.744 will damage public safety and nation security.”

The bill will give legal status to visa overstays without proper vetting (like the Tsarnaevs who bombed the Boston Patriot’s Day parade).

He said that USCIS now refers to illegal aliens as “customers” and acts accordingly.

His letter listed the following concerns:

  • USCIS officers are pressured to rubber stamp applications without proper investigation
  • USCIS has an insurmountable bureaucracy which prevents law enforcement from coordinating with ICE and officers
  • USCIS officers who identify illegal aliens are prevented from exercising their authority by bringing the aliens before a judge
  • Secretive DHS panels (under Janet Napolitano) deny officer’s requests for a Notice to Appear (NTA), allowing illegal aliens to remain
  • The attitude of the USCIS management is that they are there to serve illegal aliens
  • There is a 99.5% approval rating for applications filed under childhood status without proper investigation
  • Illegal applicants for legal status have their fees waived – it is costing taxpayers over $200 million dollars
  • Refugees immediately go on social security, straining the system.
  • The $2 billion computer program to screen applicants – Transformation – has proven to be a disaster.

Read the letter here.

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