Useful Idiots Jump on Obama’s Attempt to Silence Major Garrett


the real Obama

Major Garrett asked a reasonable question of Barack Obama, the only real question he was asked at yesterday’s press conference. During a gathering of the press corps at the White House on Wednesday, CBS’ Major Garrett asked the president why he was “content” to celebrate the Iran nuclear deal while American hostages remain in Iran.

I’d like to know the answer to that question myself. He’s obviously content.

With his typical abusive and condescending response, Barack Obama said, “That’s nonsense. And you should know better.” He treated him like a child, misusing the power of his office to silence Major Garrett and any reporter who would dare ask him such a question.

There is no doubt Garrett will hear from the top brass at CBS over this.

CNN’s Dana Bash bashed Garrett, calling him “disrespectful”, gleefully giving up reporters’ rights to ask honest questions.

Was Barack Obama respectful of the journalist? Is he respectful of anyone who disagrees with him – ever?

Useful idiots Don Lemon and Gloria Borger said the question was “loaded” [who cares] and “out of school” with Obama rightfully looking at Garrett as if he “was out of his mind.”

There were other so-called journalists making similar comments. Charlie Rose wants him to apologize.

These idiots are supposed to be journalists and they are helping Barack Obama silence journalists!

In the end, Barack Obama didn’t really answer the question.

Garrett didn’t back down.

“Well first of all, politicians, especially those elected President of the United States, are very adept at creating straw men; taking something that they feel rhetorically works to their advantage and using it. That’s exactly what the President did. My question did not suggest he was content with the captivity of those four Americans. My question was about the contentment or the satisfaction or the realization that it was necessary within the context of this deal to leave them unaccounted for. That was the essence of the question. Clearly it struck a nerve. That was my intention.”

Garrett went on to add: “Was it provocative? Yes. Was it intended to be such? Absolutely.”

At least one journalist wants honest journalism. Kudos to Garrett for his courage.

Obama left four Americans imprisoned in Iran for a bad deal. He never even brought them up.


  1. Why don’t we send Special Forces, Delta Force & Navy Seals in a coordinated strike to release our prisoners, from anywhere in the world, anytime.
    Instead they come to southern states to practice on firing on citizens.

  2. Barack Obama said in his own words that the United States gave concessions to Iran. Here is the video from CBS reporter, Major Garrett asking the President about the American hostages tied to the Iranian nuke deal. At the the 1:43 mark of this video Barack Obama says the words…….”additional concessions”! We all were told this was a good deal by him, yet he is giving Iran concessions! –

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