Using the ‘N’ Word to Quote a Writer Gets a Lib Prof in Deep Trouble


Pulitzer Prize finalist and New School professor Laurie Sheck is probably still under investigation for using the n-word during class for educational purposes, Campus Reform reported. She’s not sure, they won’t say.

Sheck used the word while citing American novelist James Baldwin and asked students whether they had seen the 2016 documentary about the writer called “I Am Not Your Negro,” pointing out that the documentary uses the word “Negro” and not the n-word, which Baldwin uses in his writing.

She was accused of using the ‘n’ word. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s important to the instruction. The hard-left wants us to believe it can never be used.

The word and the shock value of it is integral to James Baldwin’s work.

The professor was called into a meeting in the office of general counsel in June and believes she’s still in hot water at the hard-left New School.

The school’s faculty union will advise but won’t arbitrate on her behalf, telling Sheck to consider taking a “conciliatory position,” such as changing her curriculum, providing trigger warnings or having students read potentially offending passages themselves, instead of out loud, Inside Higher Ed reports.

Professor Sheck doesn’t know where she stands, two months later. She thinks she is still under investigation. Her fascist overseers wouldn’t let her tape the meeting and all she has is her union rep’s notes. She has not received due process yet.

She has taught at the school for 20 years and received consistently positive reviews and many students request her as their thesis adviser.

Professor Sheck wants to be cleared and soon.

“I haven’t done anything wrong,” Sheck said, according to Inside Higher Ed. “So what we’re trying to do here is get things out in the open. When these things are covert and people feel quietly intimidated into changing the syllabus, that’s not going to help students. It just feels like enough is enough.”

A free speech nonprofit working on her behalf said in a statement Wednesday:

“The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education calls on The New School to stand by its laudable but broken “legacy of academic freedom, tolerance, and free intellectual exchange” by immediately dropping its investigation of professor Laurie Sheck,” read the statement on the group’s website.

The attack on the professor began during a lesson entitled, The Creative Process.


Baldwin used the word in his documentary film and in an appearance on “The Dick Cavett Show” (that clip of the show is in his documentary). Sheck said she used the actual word because Baldwin used it, and because future class texts included the word, as well.

“As writers, words are all we have,” Sheck said. “And we have to give [Baldwin] credit that he used the word he did on purpose.”

One white student objected but it didn’t seem to go further until the student decided to write about racism at New School and in publishing — she cited the Baldwin quote. This student had even asked for and received a reference letter from this professor.

Sheck interjected at certain points during the student’s presentation of her work, because the little fascist did not allow fellow students to ask questions or challenge statements.

While Sheck doesn’t hold ill will towards the student, she does expect due process. This was about teaching, and it was in an academic context not meant to be offensive. It’s certainly not racist in this context. It’s gone far beyond so-called hate speech mandates.


The argument will be made it is too unacceptable to be used at all, but this brings us into a new level of censorship where people shouldn’t go if we believe in freedom at all.

In the end, what happens to education and creativity? Professors will naturally respond by avoiding assigning materials and discussing in class issues of race, sex, sexuality, and so on.

Then to ignore Due Process on top of it is quite an abomination.

Due Process is what Justice Kavanaugh and a lot of other Republicans expect and don’t receive, that’s what we expect if our guns are about to be confiscated. It’s what far-left ‘comedian’ Sarah Silverman didn’t get over a blackface skit in 2007.

This is why we need the 1st Amendment and Due Process untouched over ‘offensive’ speech. The fascist Democrats will keep dragging us further and further down the rabbit hole if we don’t return to the rule of law.

Make the 1st Amendment and Due Process popular again.

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Ben Eran
Ben Eran
4 years ago

Just before 2000, a professor/instructor at FAMU used the word niggardly in context during a lecture…the outrage was laughable given the coincidence of a homonym and the low brow reaction of college students. These PC nuts are getting ridiculous. They don’t even know the meaning of words.

4 years ago

The squelching of the 1st Ammendment began with the “politically correct” movement in education. And continues to this day.
However, the blowback to this unconstitutional freedom robbing nonsense is gaining traction. The left is not ready for the overwhelming resistance they will encounter.
Just sayin’.