US Terror Watch List Includes GOP Pundits and 2-Year Olds


There is a lot of anger and outrage over 2,000 terrorists on the terror watch list being able to get guns legally. The accusation being made is that the NRA blocks bills to stop this travesty. ABC News in particular is railing against the NRA.

Shocking? Right?

No, wrong, because it’s all LIES or people are hugely misinformed.

It’s actuality, it is the government that is the cause of terrorists getting guns. The watch list is a joke or a disaster, pick one. Even Homeland Security agents make fun of it. It’s the government that checks and allows the terrorist, if the person is indeed a terrorist, not the gun seller.

First of all, the media will barely mention the ACLU who don’t want any terror watch list and they fight bills with a vengeance.

The American Civil Liberties Union opposes the watchlist program and calls the watchlisting process “unfair.”

“The federal government’s watchlist system lacks the kind of narrow, specific criteria and rigorous safeguards that would help protect innocent people from the negative consequences of blacklisting,” said Hugh Handeyside, a staff attorney with the ACLU National Security Project. “Instead, the criteria are overbroad, ensnaring innocents, and the system as a whole is unfair and bloated with no meaningful way to clear one’s name and get off the lists,” ABC News reported.

The NRA doesn’t want terrorists to have guns as the media is reporting, but the problem is the government. The terror watch list as is cannot be the reason to deprive someone of a gun, not alone anyway, only in conjunction.

The watch list is a mess and that’s what the government needs to straighten out, not the NRA.

A person can be put on the list because the FBI is interested in them, not because the FBI has a thing on them. They might have been “swept up” by accident.

The databases have been a problem for a long time and the watch lists have been overreaching. Ted Kennedy was on the list. Your roommate’s uncle’s cousin might be on the watch list and you could end up there because of it.

If a person on the list goes in to buy a gun, it’s not as if the sales person in the gun shop makes the decision, the purchase is flagged by the government when they do the background check and it is up to that government agency to decide if the person on the list gets the gun or not.

National Review Online has an excellent article about this very issue. After citing the outrage by the left, including Salon magazine blaming the NRA and conservatives, they wrote this:

That famous conservative attack-group, the American Civil Liberties Union, explains why suspicion is justified:

The government is adding people to its already bloated watchlisting system at breakneck pace, and it’s still hungry for more. That’s the unavoidable conclusion from documents published yesterday in The Intercept.

Those documents vindicate our ;concerns and warnings about a massive, virtually standardless government watchlisting scheme that ensnares innocent people and encourages racial and religious profiling.

The documents confirm what we have long suspected: It doesn’t take much to get yourself on a terrorist watchlist. The government’s recently leaked Watchlisting Guidance starts with a poorly defined “reasonable suspicion” standard and then subjects it to so many exceptions and caveats as to render it virtually toothless. The unsurprising result, as is clear from these documents, is a set of watchlists experiencing explosive growth.

The “explosive growth” by the watch list guardians has led to the entanglement of almost 300,000 people who have “no affiliation with known terrorist groups” but who fall under “reasonable suspicion” nevertheless, National Review reports.

The list is said to be up to as much as a million people with 40% who don’t belong there.

The terror watch list is not a vetted list of bad guys.

It’s a really broad list of people who might have extremely distant connections to terrorism if any at all. Our government recently passed a law to allow refugees into the country if they had supported terrorism because they felt they had no choice or didn’t really mean it and that is okay somehow.

The “Terrorist Watch List,” like the “No-Fly List” and other secret government black lists, includes the names of suspects, relatives of suspects, friends of suspects, former college roommates of suspects, and more. No doubt these inclusions are useful for FBI agents and other officials as they search for terrorists and their accomplices, but they are not vetted lists of bad guys, Forbes reported.

Huff Po listed seven ways you can be put on the watch list and it could be as simple as a post on Facebook, someone could think you’re a terrorist – you’re terroristy, or you could maybe know a terrorist even if you don’t know you know, you could be in a “threat” category like the Tea Party and Libertarians, or you could simply be unlucky like Ted Kennedy or the 4-year old boy in 2005 on his way to visit his grandmother. Nelson Mandela was on the list. Fox News pundit Stephen Hayes is on the list.

This 2-year old was on the list.


If your name is removed from the list, the intel agencies don’t have to inform you.

A federal judge ruled in June, 2014 that the government must develop a new process under which individuals can challenge their inclusion on the no-fly list. The judge found the current process “wholly ineffective.”

A report, released in 2012 by the Senate Homeland Security Committee’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, focused on the dubious counterterrorism effectiveness of some 77 “fusion centers.” The report found these centers do a terrible job funneling useful threat information from the local law enforcers to national intelligence agents.

The report concluded that much of the information generated was useless and some was potentially unconstitutional. But it also found that the premier database that the fusion centers — and indeed all of the nation’s counterterrorism systems — depend on is so deeply flawed that Homeland Security officials mock it.

The system is called TIDE, which stands for Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, has not improved.

The LA Times, that radical right-wing conservative newspaper, reported in 2014 that the federal government compiles the “terrorist screening database” from which the truly awful no-fly list is drawn.

The database, also known as the “terrorist watch list,” reportedly holds more than 1 million names of suspected terrorists. But according to the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed a lawsuit on the subject, the government has failed to ensure that innocent people are not listed in the database or, if they do end up there, that they are promptly removed.

The Government Accountability Office found in 2009 that 35% of the nominations were outdated and that tens of thousands of names had been entered into the database without an adequate factual basis. What’s more, the nominating guidelines allow people to be listed simply because they are related to or know someone who is suspected of terrorism, even when there is “insufficient derogatory information” for the person to otherwise be listed on his own.

The NRA is simply trying to protect peoples’ constitutional rights.

Sadly even, our GOP candidates don’t know anything about the terror watch list. Time to inform your representatives. Don’t assume they know everything.



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