Usual Suspects, Including an Armed Bernie, Lead Leftist Youth Movement

Comrade Bernie marching around with his armed guards.

The leftist ‘Empower’ youth march took place Wednesday throughout the nation. It was thinly veiled as a memorial event for the victims of Stoneman Douglas High.

Children as young as 10 were out marching in the leftist anti-gun rally. People should ask how young is too young? Schools should never be political but the far-left has made everything political.

Children were bullied by classmates if they didn’t join in. Peer and staff pressure made this march happen. The several thousand who participated throughout the nation are small in number compared to the number of schools and school children. However, the movement is still very dangerous.

Using children to further a cause they know nothing about is what Hitler did and what Mao did. It’s what communists and their statist offshoots do. They are engaging in institutionalized victimhood and making children their next victim group. It’s brainwashing.

Wide-eyed youth are easily manipulated. They are also engaged by the power the left is giving them.

All the usual leftists were leading the movement. The taxpayers got to pay for it — how clever!


There was barely any mention of the school safety bill passed by Congress, although some in the MSM mentioned it in passing as a negative.

The bill gives millions more for safety measures in schools, but this movement isn’t about safety and hardening the soft targets. It’s about taking away our Second Amendment.


Only a comrade like Bernie Sanders would think it okay to go to an anti-gun rally with armed guards.

Comrade Bernie marched into the anti-gun rally with armed guards, in other words, he came armed. Several times during the livestream, armed guards kept students from getting too close.

Listen to the children scream. They sound just like drones. What do these kids know about guns or even history? One must wonder.


Statement by Board of Regents Chancellor Betty A. Rosa and Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia on Today’s National School Walkout:

“Earlier today, in a peaceful, yet powerful display of unity and civic engagement, students across New York State, and the nation walked out of their classrooms to demand action on two of the most pressing issues of our time – ensuring school safety and stemming the tide of gun violence. This is a national movement; it is real, and it is being driven by our students. As educators, we often talk about ‘teachable moments.’ These young people, united in peaceful protest to demand action by our Congress on gun violence, are turning tragedy into a teachable moment for our federal lawmakers. We commend these students for their bold example of leadership in action and call on Congress and lawmakers across the nation to heed their voices.” #NationalWalkoutDay #WalkoutWednesday

It is not driven by students as the Board of Regents is claiming. That, of course, is a lie.

NYS is disgusting! Leftists are disgusting!



  1. I really hate to say this, but these kids are the new brown shirts. Ben Shapiro says Millennial’s are the biggest voting block in the country. They’re mobilized, energized, motivated and fully funded. What could go wrong?

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