UT Moonbats Say Masculinity Is Fluid, Go Wear Dresses Guys


The following information is coming out of the Counseling and Mental Health Facility at the University of Texas at Austin. They are promoting the idea that traditional views of masculinity are a mental deficiency. But not to worry, they “will help you figure it out.”

The University has a program for a healthier view of masculinity, one that includes expanding the horizons of ‘men’. Men, they say, need to think of their gender as more fluid and if they want to wear dresses or makeup, then they are just a different kind of male.

The overall plan is to redefine masculinity.

This is what the far-left has in mind for our society.

They suggest passing around posters they developed and sharing them on social media [You can see a few of them below]. In them, men are depicted wearing dresses, doing their nails, and putting flowers in their hair. Some of the posters are normal and simply encourage men to foster feelings of empathy, for example.

This training is meant to prevent violence and sexual abuse, but castrating men really won’t work.

There is nothing wrong with men having more feminine tendencies and vice versa but this social engineering and bizarre cultural changes are far from normal.

It’s odd how Christians can’t pray, the Bible is demonized, there are 1.2 million genders, and morals have to be leftist morals.

This is what the far-left wants for you.


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