UT Professor Who Already Retired Will Retire Because of Guns



A retired UT professor who only taught one course once a year at the school made headlines proclaiming he was leaving because of guns. Why is someone making news headlines because he is giving up one course at a college? Who cares? The anti-gun people will use anything to further an agenda.

Daniel Hamermesh, who has been with UT since 1993, retired last year but has been teaching one class each fall. He told KTBC he’ll leave the campus following this fall semester because students will be allowed concealed carry on campus. He should leave the entire state because they have guns everywhere in Texas.

The campus carry legislation, signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in June, will allow concealed carry license holders to carry guns on Texas campuses beginning next August. There are undoubtedly students who have done it anyway.

Daniel S. Hamermesh, an economics professor emeritus, told KTBC-TV in Austin that he’d fear for his safety if he stayed, especially since he would be teaching in a large lecture hall.

“I just don’t want to take the risk of teaching a very large class where students do get disgruntled because of the grading and how they perceive they should be doing,” he told the station.

It’s pretty ridiculous of him to think students who receive bad groups are going to start shooting. People who commit these murders are seriously mentally disturbed.

He was ready to leave because as he said,  “I’m 72, I have a large pension. I have a number of outside opportunities.” The law pushed him “over the edge” he said. This professor is just using his eagerness to leave as an excuse to make a political statement.

Hammermesh is at another point in his career and was barely working at UT. He put out a book claiming good looking people are more successful, has taught in London, and is an accomplished labor economist with other options. Why are we even listening to him when he had both feet out the door anyway?

University of Texas at Austin students plan to carry dildos around campus next year in protest of recent legislation that allows concealed carry permit holders to carry their firearms to public colleges’ campuses, according to the blaze. That’ll work – NOT.