UTS will lower standards for women entering engineering programs


My husband is an engineer and his friends are engineers. They’re smart, studied very hard and they have a mind for it frankly. Mostly, they are Asian and White men. But all along, they’ve been wrong all along. We don’t want the best. We want diverse applicants in engineering schools.

Who would have guessed that being a female would become essential criterion to get into engineering schools.

So, she’s bad in math, lacks structure and commitment. No problem! And if she can’t do the work, does she get passed through anyway because she’s a woman? Probably.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the University of Technology in Sydney (UTS) will allow women to enter engineering and construction degrees with a lower score on the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) than male students. Women can score 10 points lower than men and still be admitted into the degree programs.

Ten points lower to make them equal??? Huh? And this is fair to hard-working men, how? Inequality for men is okay apparently.

As the Herald reported, many universities in the country “allocate adjustment points based on disadvantage or illness,” but UTS is breaking new ground with a totally irrelevant criterion — gender.

They want women and less qualified is A-OK.

Dr. Arti Agarwal, director of women in engineering and IT at UTS, told the Herald that admitting women into the programs – even with lower entrance scores – would make the world a better place.

Oh, of course, so it takes her all day to do half the job or the bridges start falling down. What the heck! That’s totally unimportant as long as we feed the identity politics monster.

Politics is coming to an engineering school near you. Fight it off, please!!!

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