UVA Black Student Alliance Declares Jefferson Statue an “Emblem of White Supremacy”


The Minority Rights Coalition hosted a “March to Reclaim Our Grounds” on Aug. 21 to march and issue a ten-point ultimatum, which was obtained by Campus Reform on Wednesday.

They declared the beautiful statue of Thomas Jefferson an “emblem of white supremacy”. Thomas Jefferson is considered the founder of the university but we now have idiots in attendance.

“The statue of Jefferson serves as an emblem of white supremacy, and should be re-contextualized with a plaque to include that history,” the students wrote.

The students also called for racial quotas and mandatory “education on white supremacy, colonization, and slavery as they directly relate to Thomas Jefferson, the University, and the city of Charlottesville,” the education watchdog reported.

There were 16 groups who signed on to their demands.

This is anti-white racism and people had better start condemning it.

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