UVA Cancels 21-Gun Salute Honoring Vets on 11/11 over ‘Gun Violence’


Today is a special day. The 11th hour on the morning of the 11th day in the 11th month in 1918, the Armistice ending hostilities on the Western Front in World War I was signed. Armistice Day commemorates that signing. Armistice Day became Veterans Day and it now honors all our veterans. UVA usually has a beautiful ceremony to commemorate this day but chose to ruin it this year with politically correct nonsense.

UVA canceled its 21-gun salute during the Veteran’s Day ceremony over “gun violence,” College Fix reported. Just when you think you’ve reached the pinnacle of stupidity, along comes something even more stupid.

In a statement posted to social media on Saturday, university President James Ryan stated the reason was two-fold: “to minimize disruptions to classes, given that this event is located at the juncture of four primary academic buildings and is held at a time that classes are in session; and second, recognizing concerns related to firing weapons on the Grounds in light of gun violence that has happened across our nation, especially on school and university campuses.”

It’s illogical in that the annual ceremony “marks the conclusion of a 24-hour vigil by ROTC cadets and has included the 21-gun salute for more than a decade.” Cadets are not engaged in “gun violence.”

Gangs. lunatics and suicidal people are the ones causing most of the “gun violence.”

We wouldn’t want to offend stupid people who think it somehow ties to “gun violence.”

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Ryan blathered away on Facebook, trying to share the blame with the Col. in charge of the ceremony, along with ROTC members.

What a terrible message to students, encouraging them to be snowflakes.

In any case, the negative reaction to the move has him possibly re-thinking it for next year. If people don’t complain next year, he won’t change it.

He concluded his statement, saying, “That said, while Col. Hough and many members of our ROTC community supported the change this year, community responses have helped us to understand that many see the 21-gun salute as an important element of the Veterans Day ceremony at the University of Virginia. Given that the plans are already in place for this year, we will follow the event organizers’ recommendation to proceed without the 21-gun salute in our Veterans Day Ceremony. Following this year’s ceremony, however, we will work with our ROTC officers and cadets to take a closer look at options for our Veterans Day events, including those that would enable us to re-introduce the 21-gun salute to the program.”

All he has to do to re-introduce it is to re-introduce it. What a weasly parsing of words.

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Jerome E. Goodwin
Jerome E. Goodwin
4 years ago

Guns are NOT violent PEOPLE are violent it was peaceful men with guns that kept the USA FREE..21 gun salutes have always been done so the soldiers in heaven can hear it and know they are remembered. Where do you think your freedoms come from Cracker Jacks Boxes? Soldiers died for your freedom shame on you for not thanking them.