VA Gave Out Bonuses for Criminally Negligent Homicide



If reports are true, the VA is a hotbed of corruption which lets dozens or hundreds of veterans die waiting for help. It’s no less than criminally negligent homicide at the hands of self-serving bureaucrats.

Two whistleblowers have said that many veterans were deliberately delayed or never seen at all. Veterans were kept on separate lists so DC wouldn’t find out about the delays. At risk were employee bonuses.

The problems at Veterans Affairs might be systemic and they have been well-known for a long time. Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden knew in 2008.

How many, if any, veterans deaths are the result of criminally negligent homicide is unclear and will remain that way because the DOJ is refusing to investigate at this point, but don’t worry Barack Obama and Eric Shinseki are “mad as hell”.

According to a report issued by the VA last year,  22 soldiers a day kill themselves. Could their lives have been saved with prompt intervention?

After what our military men and women have sacrificed for us, we have thanked them by giving them horrendous healthcare services. Don’t worry, we will all soon suffer the same fate under Obamacare. Look to the veterans for your future healthcare and weep. Obamacare will provide bonuses to those who let Grandma die.

In some VA hospitals, our military healthcare officials appear to be waiting for our veterans to die and all our leaders can do is say they are mad as hell?

Did you know that the VA has been shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars in financial settlements because of negligence? The settlements amounted to $845 million in the last decade alone.

An investigation by the Dayton Daily News found 167 cases since 2001 in which the VA delayed treatment, delays which resulted in voluntary and court-ordered claims totaling $36.4 million.

At least 23 people have died because of delayed care according to the VA.

Our transparent government pretended that Robert Petzel, undersecretary for health care at the VA, was forced to resign. As it happens, he was scheduled to retire. It was another lie to give the impression that they were being tough. Even if it were a forced resignation, and the poor man had to settle back and live off his fat government pension, how is that an appropriate response to potential cases of criminally negligent homicide?

Agency head Eric Shinseki and Barack Obama are “mad as Hell” but the DOJ has announced they are not looking into any of the claims, they are monitoring.

Government workers should NOT be getting bonuses.  The government is offering incentives for people to lie and cheat.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office in December 2012 released a review of the Dayton VA Medical center as well as VA hospitals in Montana, California and Washington, D.C. It found errors by schedulers at every hospital.

“During our site visits, staff at some clinics told us they change medical appointment desired dates to show clinic wait times within VHA’s performance goals,” the report says.

Veterans Affairs officials warned the Obama-Biden transition team in the weeks after the 2008 presidential election that the department shouldn’t trust the wait times that its facilities were reporting.

“This is not only a data integrity issue in which [Veterans Health Administration] reports unreliable performance data; it affects quality of care by delaying — and potentially denying — deserving veterans timely care,” the officials wrote.

The briefing materials, obtained by The Washington Times through the Freedom of Information Act, make clear that the problems existed well before Mr. Obama took office, dating back at least to the Bush administration. But the materials raise questions about what actions the department took since 2009 to remedy the problems.

An April 9 GAO report issued after a review of select VA centers across the country noted that approximately 2 million outpatient referrals were unresolved for more than 90 days in 2012.

At one medical center, veterans waited 140 to 210 days. Four of 10 physical therapy referrals at another medical center took 108 to 152 days “with no apparent action taken to schedule an appointment for the veteran.”

Ohio’s six VA medical centers had a combined 54 malpractice payouts related to deaths since 2001. The Dayton VA Medical Center had the most, though Cleveland’s two medical centers had 22 combined. One case settled in 2003 for $200,000 involved hospitals in both Dayton and Cleveland.

The VA paid $91.2 million last year in financial settlements and awards in response to malpractice claims. A nationwide Cox Media Group investigation in November found that payouts peaked in 2012 and totaled $845 million over the past decade.

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner said he expects the House this month to consider the VA Management Accountability Act, which would give Shinseki — who Boehner is not calling on to resign — authority to remove senior executives.

“If you look at recent VA preventable deaths, patient safety incidents and backlog increases, department senior executives who presided over negligence and mismanagement are more likely to have received a bonus or glowing performance review than any sort of punishment,” says a description of the bill on the website of the House Veteran Affairs Committee.

We give bonuses tot he people who should be fired.

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