VA militia of cops, veterans, patriots forms to fight unjust laws


According to Law Enforcement Today, thousands of cops, veterans, other supporters have pledged to join a new militia in Virginia to combat unconstitutional laws.

Tazewell County, Virginia, is forming a militia to defend the Constitution and, specifically, the Second Amendment, in the now-deep blue state. Within hours, they were flooded with emails from people across the state who wanted to join. These included military veterans, officers, and other patriotic Americans.

Lawmakers in Virginia are threatening confiscation to be enforced by the National Guard if law enforcement refuses to cooperate.


Over 76 counties out of 95, 9 of 38 independent cities, and 13 towns have already declared themselves gun sanctuaries. Tazewell is not only a sanctuary, but it’s also going to be the home of the militia.

The constitution is clear — militias keep their guns.

Votes for the militia were unanimous among 200 citizens. They had three attorneys check their declarations which included a ban on funding any law enforcement department that infringed on citizens’ rights to bear arms.

The state is threatening to withhold funding from gun sanctuaries, however. That’s what led them to the idea of the militia.

County Administrator Eric Young reportedly considered that element, and that’s why they opted for the militia aspect:

“Our position is that Article I, Section 13, of the Constitution of Virginia, reserves the right to ‘order’ militia to the localities. Therefore, counties, not the state, determine what types of arms may be carried in their territory and by whom. So, we are ‘ordering’ the militia by making sure everyone can own a weapon.”

If anyone tries to remove a sheriff who refuses to enforce unjust laws, the state officials will be faced with a lawful militia composed of citizens who reside in the state.

People replying to the group are willing to die for the Second Amendment.


The organization is pushing for firearms safety training in the schools

According to this group, Gov. Northam’s laws would even “criminalize a father teaching his own son how to use a hunting rifle.” The laws prohibit firearms training, they say.

The language of SB64 that they object to in one law was added to a 1987 law aimed at dangerous groups:

Assembles with one or more persons with the intent of intimidating any person or group of persons by drilling, parading, or marching with any firearm, any explosive or incendiary device, or any components or combination thereof.

It’s too vague and broad.




  2. How far will the traitorous Governor and the idiots in the legislative body in enforcing their unconstitutional infringement on the 2nd Ammendment? Sounds like the leftist nutjobs, and traitors, in VA need a lesson in what is in the US Constitution.
    Perhaps, they will learn that lesson when the puke that was elected by the DC crowd living in northern VA attempt to enforce the illegal law they passed.
    Civil War? Maybe. I predict that cooler heads will prevail and the law will be amended or rescinded.
    Of course, the leftists are not that terribly bright, so just about anything is possible.
    Just sayin’.

    • They didn’t show the gift of brilliance back in 1860, as they’re doing the same crap. Funny, because if memory serves, that ain’t work out too well for them..

  3. Not sure how the state government will be able to enforce this – calling out the National Guard won’t work – guess where all those guardsmen live – not around the beltway or in inner city Richmond – rather, they are in the 76 counties, which means that they will be otherwise occupied with their Militia duties!

  4. This is idea is now fact in many states; VA is more proactive, though. The 2nd Amendment was based on the King sending out his troops in the colonies in April 1775 to confiscate arms and powder to stop resistance to his taxes and the trampling of civil liberties. The Declaration of Independence even guarantees the right of the people to overthrow government when it becomes tyrannical. As happened in highly educated Germany and now Venezuela, the erosion and eventual loss of rights and the rule of law is almost guaranteed when the people are disarmed.

  5. Glad to see the 2nd amendment people of VA unite against a tyrannical State guberment this is what happens when Dims/Socialist take over!Stand up and be counted VA!

  6. I don’t get it ! Va voters voted the asshats in, knowing what they wanted, now up in arms because they are doing what they said, so why and how did they get in ? Just makes no sense to me ! Va. Explain please !

    • Called FAKE Elections by Voting Machines Owned and Controlled by ENEMIES of the People and their Constitution. Very simple. Use PAPER BALLOTS and the TRUTH will come to light.

  7. All the best to you Virginians
    An important book if you haven’t read it yet:
    Stephen P. Halbrook’s “That Every Man Be Armed” Quoted by Chief Justice Scalia in his opinion on Heller vs DC.
    Traces our inherent rights from the Greek and Roman republics, through English common law then through OUR country’s history.

  8. Gov. Northam I thing you should be the 1st person to knock on the door of that defiant homeowner with a firearm to be confiscated. We Indiana Hoosiers will be there to support our brothers and sisters in VA.
    Stay Strong and Never Quit.

  9. P.S. I think these things will continue until officials are prosecuted for violation of their oath of office and face jail time.

  10. The LAW is called the Constitution – OF the People BY the People FOR the People. The States create no “Laws”, only CODES. Codes can not Supersede the Constitution.

  11. If you were born in the US in 1961, there are more people your age in the US than there are of any other age, and I happen to be one of those people. About 4 years ago, and to the surprise and shock of those that have known me for many years, I purchased a Harley Davidson V Rod, the ass hauler with the water cooled Porche engine. I was reminded by many of the dim view I had taken over the years of motorcycle ownership, to which my usual reply was; “Yes, and I meant it. But at the time, I was fearful of the prospects of dying young. That’s no longer a concern of mine, and for obvious reasons. I’ll call it the NTL (nothing-to-lose) Mindset.

    The Bolsheviks in their hatred and thirst for power had better consider the fact that there are people among us that share that same NTL Mindset, and they are in fact legion in their numbers. And we’ve been walking upon the planet long enough to witness the gradual decline of our once great republic occur right before our very eyes, and the people most instrumental in its destruction. We are also acutely aware that if we lose freedom here, there is no other place to run to, and it’s far better to lose one’s life protecting that freedom than to live in slavery, lorded over by the scum of the earth.

    In the words of the late, great John Wayne; “I’m here to kick ass and drink whiskey. And pilgrim… I’m all out of whiskey.”

  12. Gary Reece is right. Where were all these outraged gun owners and 2nd defenders when the elections were being held? Was Northams views on the 2nd not known before the election? It doesn’t matter how much of Bloombergs money was spent if the silent majority shows up to vote. When the snake oil salesmen win elections it is because no one challenges their tyranny. The only GOOD news is that the patriots in VA are now fighting back. Unfortunately, VA may have to be a state I have to detour around when I go south.

    • There were about 36 democrats that ran unopposed so claiming their political seats was a steal. Nobody stepped up to run against them. And that was a big part of the problem.

    • Where were these people on election day you ask? Ask New yorkers As those in many states like this.. They are outvoted by the ones govt raises like cattle in huge cities.. Anchor babies now voting and listening to fools as ancestors that fled oppressive govts and dont understand our constitution.. Outvoted by millennials brainwashed by indoctrinating schools run by far left teachers.. You will no longer win in states that have numbers in huge cities..impossible!! Why counties need to vote per county to separate from these big cities and form new states…

  13. Revolution is the solution and something must be done to remove the millions of foreigners who are brought here solely to replace us who hold none of our values and could never create or maintain such a country or our concepts of liberty .

  14. Probably be packing the first aid bag, my rucksack and LBE and moving out. However, you do need a way to vet people. THE JBTs will try sneaking a double agent in.

  15. I lived in Michigan for most of my life but I no longer live there. While I was there I watched the Democrat party start 3 recall elections of the then Governor Walker of Wisconsin. I supported his position by donating for his re-elections. Is that a reasonable response the Governor of Va. What do you have to lose? It might be worth a try.

  16. The left hates confrontation unless it is sure it will win. They can’t be sure as long as we remain adamant.
    There is no way Mr. Infanticide will call in the National Guard.

  17. The surest solution is for the CINC (Trump45) to call the Virginia National Guard to active duty and order them to stand down. He doesn’t have to order them to deploy. They can even remain at their day jobs. They’ll just be working while on active duty. His orders as CINC supersede those of the state’s governor.

    Not only that but on federal active duty they are subject to Posse Comitatus and are forbidden to act in any law enforcement capacity. Problem solved.

  18. Bloody civil war peeps, looks as if Virginia will be a test run for the rest of the nation. The 2nd Amendment is most definitely worthy to fight and die for, so let us all show our support to our brothers and sister in Virginia.

  19. I stand with you 1,000%…what you are doing is really great…we CANNOT have the gov’t take away our guns, that is against the Constitution…I mean, really? civil war is just around the corner and if they do employ the Guard, there definitely will be a CIVIL WAR!!! keep up the great work!!!

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