Valerie Jarrett Gives An Incredible Answer to An Anti-Gun Question


VALERIE JARRETT We know the government is experimenting with microchips and behavioral science to control the way we think about things or the way we behave and just yesterday, I posted an article about a well-respected NYU professor who sees using hormones, IVF treatments and chips to alter the way humans behave.

We now get to see how Valerie Jarrett feels about it all in one tweet.

Jarrett was asked by a pro-gun twitter user who was being sarcastic, “My idea is guns with microchips that can be remotely disabled. Your thoughts?”

Check out her answer. I wonder if she considered that criminals could do the same to police, terrorists to victims, and so on? How about the Chinese hacking them? Now there’s a thought that never entered into her scary little head.



  1. WOW ! It won’t change criminal behavior or crazy folks killing other people. Besides that I believe she’s from Iran or one of the Muslim countries in the middle east and would love to be able to disarm the public !

  2. What would be the point in having a gun if it could be remotely disabled?
    That would be Obama’s wet dream come true…cyber confiscation

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