Vanderbilt Professor Teaches Hate, White Privilege, and That’s Okay I Guess



We have professors in our universities teaching hate. Take Professor Brown for example who is blaming the Baltimore riots by criminals on white privilege.

The Daily Caller posted a story yesterday about a Vanderbilt professor blaming the Baltimore riots by criminals on the invented concept of ‘white privilege.’ He called for the massive surveillance of white people.

The black sociology professor, Tony N. Brown, wrote an op-ed for The Tennessean last week to blame white parents for sending children to “racially homogenous” schools and churches, living in predominantly white neighborhoods and failing to read children’s books featuring minority characters. Brown blames white parents for telling “racially insensitive” jokes in front of children and allowing grandparents to use racial slurs “at Thanksgiving.” …  “The bottom line is that it’s everyday whites making everyday choices that lock in and protect white privilege,” the Vanderbilt professor wrote.

Her solution for white parents using “white privilege” to “harm, demean, and damage black and brown people”  is for “people of color” to create a massive, grassroots surveillance network to capture video evidence of racism. Use cell phones and GoPro camcorders to “record the discourteous way co-workers or service industry workers or police officers treat you,” Brown writes in The Tennessean… “Then let’s all post our videos,” Brown declares…, as reported by the Daily Caller.

Nothing like totalitarianism!

Let’s do the same thing to them. We can prove blacks are racists by videotaping them day and night with hidden cameras.

Of course that’s not a serious comment but how would they like it in reverse? Can you imagine if a white professor taught white students blacks need to be surveilled because of black privilege?

White privilege is a leftist invention used to divide the races and promote hate. It’s decidedly Marxist.

Blacks don’t even want whites in their neighborhoods.

Some blacks have been complaining that whites are moving into their neighborhoods in Brooklyn, upgrading them, and changing the culture.

Spike Lee, for one, went on an expletive-infested rant about the gentrification of his hometown of Brooklyn, changing the culture of the various hellholes rife with gangs and criminal activity.

Spike Lee

Wealthy white real estate agents and hipsters are the scourge of Brooklyn who are changing the South Bronx, Bushwick, Williamsburg and other impoverished towns, according to Lee and others.

Spike Lee is another has a big megaphone and obviously doesn’t like white people.

Whites are to blame for everything.

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Michael Mores
Michael Mores
6 years ago

I will acknowledge this, Racism is worse today than I can remember, the Country is divided today more than I can remember. My question for you Tony N. Brown is, How can that possibly happen with a Black President in White House(you’ll get that change to “just the House soon) The most powerful Black leader the world has seen,has had 7 years to effect the lives of Blacks, and they are worse off than ever. Enemployment higher under his control, more single mothers,more blacks killing blacks. Wneh this Country votes for a Black Conservative Republican President THEN BLACKS WILL SEE AN IMPROVMENT!
Black leaders including our POTUS do not want to solve the problem,they just want to inflame it further for votes and power..You are part of the problem and should be ashamed of yourself and YOUR President.