Variety Bashes Megyn Kelly as a Borderline Racist, Untrustworthy, Scare Mongerer


Variety published a scathing review of Megyn Kelly’s performance on her Sunday News Magazine show, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. Variety didn’t just rip her show apart, they tore into her as a person.

The Variety crowd seems to think Kelly is a conservative. They say her star “dimmer than ever”.

They called her show on Sunday night a “disaster” and have little hope for her upcoming daytime show. The critique could be accurate but they really didn’t give her much time to show what she can do. After all, doesn’t the left-wing want women to succeed in a man’s world most of all?

Partisan complaints are pervasive throughout the article

The article is sprinkled with a partisan contempt for the right and underlies the entire review. At one point, the author writes: “After a wave of flattering media coverage positioned her as one of the few remaining sensible voices within the Republican party…”

Variety believes her “cringeworthy statements about black people” will be a serious problem for her upcoming daytime show. That comment linked to a hard-left Slate article complaining about what they saw as excessive coverage of the New Black Panthers’ voter intimidation case.

The Slate article also explained that she talked of the “anti-cop, thug mentality” in black communities and blasted the Obama administration for encouraging integrated neighborhoods “whether the communities want it or not.”

That’s apparently not acceptable. Also mentioned in the Slate article was her comment on one show that Jesus was a white man. That was in response to an idiotic Slate article titled,  “Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore”.

There were other so-called “cringeworthy” statements but you get the idea. They see her as a demagogue and borderline racist.

After comparing her unfavorably to Kelly Ripa, the author of the Variety article goes on to praise her for her battles with her colleagues and especially her attack on Roger Ailes. The author says that wasn’t enough to keep her star burning.

Most of us would call her disloyal.

The scathing attack

The author of the article, Sonia Saraiya, describes Kelly as appearing untrustworthy, patronizing, scare mongering, and alienating.

On NBC, Kelly is didactic without being trustworthy; patronizing without being impressive. Her voiceover suggests doom without really proving it; there’s a scare-mongering side to her reportage. And, most importantly: She’s alienated everyone. At this point, Kelly’s most virulent critique comes from the right — the audience that she’s supposed to be helping deliver to NBC. The network is presumably hoping that centrist or center-right women will eventually tune in.

Perhaps well-heeled paranoia coming from someone who could be in your PTA meeting is not as appealing as it once was.

Brutal results

So much for the pro-woman left that Megyn Kelly teamed up with. Ironically, after pummeling her, they think the right are her worst critics. That’s doubtful. It’s not only Variety trashing her, she’s getting trashed all over the Internet by the left.

It’s not that she hasn’t had her problems, but the left is far more brutal than her performance was problematic. Her first two shows were modest successes. Kelly and NBC underestimated the reaction from the left over the Alex Jones interview. They even aired it on Father’s Day, knowing Jones offered up the possibility to his audience that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

For Kelly, it was supposed to be an indictment of the right and President Trump. those goals were lost in the firestorm over her choice of Alex Jones.

To make matters worse, Alex Jones secretly taped and released the phone conversation she had with him to cajole him into doing the interview. It was very embarrassing and she appeared dishonest.

Kelly put in with the left after bashing her colleagues and former boss who made her career. It’s not working out.

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