Vegas Massacre Is Getting Stranger: Only Witness Fled to Mexico


Update: Tucker Carlson had a union rep for Jesus Campos’s union on his show Thursday evening. The man said he is a guard, a member of his union, the trip to Mexico was preplanned and short-lived. He had shrapnel in his thigh but it didn’t keep him from traveling. The Sentinel will stick with the original guess as to the killer’s motive — Paddock was a psychopath.

Jesus Campos

Jesus Campos is the security guard who was an ear witness to the shooting from the Mandalay Hotel that ended in the loss of 58 lives and the wounding of nearly 500 people. Campos is also the only witness and he has fled the country for Mexico.

He is supposedly suffering from a serious leg wound but traveled 700 miles.

In addition, when Tucker Carlson checked, he found no evidence Campos was a licensed security guard. Campus came into the country early this year using a different car and with different plates from the one he left with.

Independent journalist Laura Loomer discovered that he has two Social Security numbers. He could be here illegally.

We can’t verify this but Ms. Loomer says that her source in intelligence told her the Las Vegas Shooter, Stephen Paddock, may have used the $100k transfer to the Philippines to traffic children.

Paddock’s brother was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of engaging in child pornography Also Wednesday, the police announced that the hard drive for Paddock’s computer is missing. That suggests someone might have been in the room with him and took the hard drive on leaving.

Sheriff Lombardo said no officers fired their weapon and the shooter was DOA from suicide, but there is leaked audio that indicates shots were fired by an officer but we can’t verify it’s authenticity.

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