Vehicle Filled with Accelerants Plowed Into Broward Sheriff’s Office Building


The Broward County Sheriff and at least one of his men have been under heavy criticism for their handling of a madman who tore through the Stoneman Douglas High School last month, shooting innocent staff and students. An incident today might be related. A woman crashed her car into the office building and by pure chance, didn’t kill anyone.

At about 11:30 this morning a woman crashed a car filled with accelerants into one of the Broward County department’s satellite offices.

The woman drove a Toyota Camry into the community service room of the sheriff’s South Broward Office. After the crash, the car caught on fire.

The unnamed woman was removed from the wreck by an employee. She is currently being treated for third-degree burns over a considerable part of her body at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, Florida.

The woman was engulfed in flames after the crash and would be dead were it not for one employee. A new employee Ben Mendez barely had enough time to pull her out of the car. He tore off her burning dress.

A Broward Sheriff officer injured her ankle running from the crash. No one else was hurt.

The room was nearly empty at the time which was unusual.

An investigation is underway.

The incident might have nothing to do with the failures of the Broward Sheriffs’ response to the shooting at the school but the recently released video was shocking. The deputy sheriff Scot Peterson ran from the shooting and hid behind a wall when he could have saved lives. Perhaps it was a trigger.

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