Vehicle-Machete Terror Attack In the Heart of London, Two Dead, Many Seriously Injured


The so-called “Asian” terrorist.

Four people are dead including one suspect,and many injured, some with catastrophic injuries, as the result of a London terror attack at the UK Parliament, at Westminster Bridge and at another location.

There appears to be one assailant, an Asian. He might be alive though he was shot multiple times inside Parliament.

The Prime Minister was only 40 yards from the attack.

At 12:46 EST, London police said “they know there are a number of injuries, including police officers” but that’s all they could say. Two are dead. Police won’t speculate.

Police were immediately on the three scenes as a normal matter of events so one must wonder how one assailant got so far. At least three police officers were injured and three French students were injured. A woman was pulled alive from the freezing waters of the Thames.

The first attack on Westminster Bridge was by a vehicle that appeared to deliberately crash into people who were crushed. A cyclist was extremely “unwell”. A woman died.

The same vehicle then is believed to have careened down the road after the bridge incident, and crashed into more people in Washington Square. The attacker then got out of the car and ran into Westminster proper where an officer was stabbed with a machete and seriously injured. The attacker entered the estate and was shot multiple times by the police.

As an aside, ISIS recently released a video calling for knife and vehicle attacks in the UK.


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