Venezuela, a Socialist Paradise, Where People Stampede Supermarkets



Socialism is driving Venezuela into nightmarish poverty and with the help of people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, George Soros, we can have their system imported here.

Venezuelans don’t have enough food and the children are suffering. The people are either protesting or they’re on food lines. They sleep on the food lines.

The PanAm Post has an article describing life under the Socialists.

What the dear leaders do periodically is advertise that subsidized meat, fish, deli meats, and chicken will be available at a certain location at a certain time. It’s part of a vote-getting effort as elections approach.

When you enter one of these facilities, photos of presidents Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro are posted at the entrance that says, “If it wasn’t for them, this sale would not have been possible.” Their photos line all the wall space, wherever you might turn. After waiting seven hours, you will find nothing of what was promised. You might walk out with sardines.

The people are eagerly awaiting the upcoming election and Maduro is not popular. Freedom is in the air. The only problem is the communists promise freedom – they lie.

Mobs of hungry citizens periodically tear into government edifices with trucks in a kind of road rage.

Cancers patients are protesting because they can’t get medicines needed for survival. Children can’t get life-saving chemotherapy.

The value of their currency has plunged and store shelves are stripped bare. Their command and control financial system has led to severe shortages of all basics. That’s Socialism’s legacy.

Venezuela is even running out of breast implants.

Hungry people stampeded a supermarket this past week leaving dozens injured and one 80-year old woman dead.

Maduro has “Operation People’s Liberation” to handle all this. They are armed supermarket guards.

The military is employed to stem the food smuggling and price speculation which President Nicolás Maduro blames for triple-digit inflation and scarcity in a great diversion from reality.

Basic food items are unavailable or too expensive.

Oil prices are down and it’s devastating an already disastrous economy. The future for Venezuelan oil isn’t good either. Their oil is crude, viscous and filled with contaminates. Fracking is changing the nature of world economics. Fracked oil is much purer and will soon displace Venezuelan oil in refineries.

Venezuela has nothing else. They are a nation without an adequate transportation system and an abysmal infrastructure.

The flow of subsidized basic goods has stopped because the wastrels who squandered oil wealth no longer have it.

This is the result of price control and a Socialist economic model that leaves Venezuelans without jobs and without a future.

Private companies are gone and so are the rich. Homes and warehouses are raided by the military and their goods are confiscated.

All they have left is a dictatorship and poverty courtesy of the lying, greedy Socialists.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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Herbert R.
6 years ago

Mirror reflections of a country run into the ground by progressive/socialist/Marxist policies, “Coming to America” via progressive politicians..

6 years ago
Reply to  Herbert R.

Unfortunately, sooner rather than later!

6 years ago

And yet Bernie Sanders and most other Democrats want the US to be more like Greece, Argentina or Venezuela…and if they are likely to be successful if the voters are as intelligent as they were in 2008 and 2013.