Venezuela Bernie wants fossil fuel execs in prison for causing the faux crisis


Venezuela Bernie is calling for the complete takeover of the energy, industrial, and housing sectors to implement his fantastical Green New Deal.

Hugo Chavez took over the energy sector and destroyed it. The once-wealthy, oil-rich nation is now extremely poor.

The money is worthless and the overwhelming majority of people, some say 90%, except for the elites, eat garbage, hunt pigeons, and scrounge in near-empty stores for goods or live off the paltry sustenance they receive from Hugo’s hand-selected ruler, Maduro.

Bernie Sanders tweeted out today that he wants fossil fuel executives criminally prosecuted over global warming faux science. Even Maduro didn’t do that.


Venezuela Bernie has come up with a $16.3 trillion plan to cover 15 years of his Green New Deal, calling it a national emergency. Our budget is currently $4.3 trillion annually and we have to borrow one trillion dollars each year to pay our bills. We are already on a path to financial extinction.

One of the first major goals of Sanders’ plan — to produce all the nation’s electricity with renewable sources by 2030 — will require an extraordinary transformation. All fossil fuels will be replaced, reaching net-zero by 2050.

Boats and planes will run on alternative energy or not at all.

Net-zero is impossible. They refuse to use nuclear and their alternative energy relies on fossil fuels.

The Vermont senator is calling for committing $2.18 trillion in taxes to help low and middle income who will have to pay the difference. The Energy Department will make sure that both new and existing commercial structures, as well as high-income homeowners, meet his administration’s energy retrofitting goals. Coal will be gone but the workers will be prioritized for jobs.

Taxes, taxes, taxes coming our way.

Sanders will also save money on the imaginary 20 million jobs created by his plan for which he presents no evidence. The communistic Bernie estimates that $1.3 trillion saved through a reduced need for safety-net programs will result in the creation of those jobs, again no evidence.

He claims California’s wildfires are caused by global warming although there are many other factors including poor forestation and failures of the local energy companies.

Bernie says this helps poor minorities [what about poor whites?] because fossil fuels are racist. He will expand climate justice funds for them. Actually, we think not providing them with good, inexpensive energy is racist.

The ‘socialist’ who is really a communist will de-carbonize all planes and businesses, give $200 billion to foreign countries to de-carbonize and eliminate pollution, and launch a federal recycling plan.

Then there are the funds for electric vehicles, the massive changes in the agriculture industry, the impossible changes of decarbonizing industries including steel, concrete, and plastics.

His bill follows that of Alexandria O’Crazio-Cortez’s, only in more detail.

He will pay for it with profits from the oil and gas sectors who made a profit of $28 billion and the military sector with a total trillion-dollar budget. That leaves him far short of his $16.3 trillion needed, even if he takes every dime. He still needs $14 trillion.

If ever there were a plan to destroy America, Bernie’s is the one.

I spotted this after publication. Just listening to this guy blabber without any substance should make it clear to everyone that he’s a know-nothing commie luring in the idealists.

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