Venezuela Express! Trained Marxist Astroturf Agitate in All Protests/Riots


When I went undercover at Occupy Wall Street, the agitators/trainers rallied the masses, and fomented rebellion as they do in Third World dictatorships. Agitators were trained in what to say and do and how to do it. Many of the trainers were communist college professors. Some were old Beatniks.

The leftists trained the willing in how to look natural and pose for photos, especially ones that made the police look bad.

Whenever I tried to tape them, they’d stand in front of my camera or push it away. It is how Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists operate.


One good example is this bus-load of professional Marxists from New York City who were transported up to New York’s 19th Congressional District to give support for left-wing loon candiate Antonio Delgado. However, before arrival, the female organizer told volunteers to keep quiet about being from NYC because the optics of having to bus-in Venezuela-style Democrats form NYC looked bad. Free Beacon was able to obtain an audio.

The same thing went on with Ferguson, Baltimore, and all these Kavanaugh protests/riots.


This is how leftists win. They can’t win on their ideas. It’s all fake. Whereas the Tea Party was spontaneous and grassroots, nothing about the leftist is. Take Rosa Parks. Her entire back of the bus event was staged. The event did happen, but not to her and weeks before to her pregnant family friend, Claudette Colvin. Parks relived it for the cameras. It had a good outcome but it was a fraud.

Many the outcomes aren’t worth the deceit. Destroying Brett Kavanaugh because they don’t like originalism is hardly a good outcome.

Democrats have decided they will go with the hard left approach to protesting. Only this week, Eric Holder made that clear.

Democrats have a communism problem. Whether you call their far-left ideas progressivism, socialism, democratic socialism, or communism, they are all meant to end in the same place. Statism never ends. It goes on and on until people fight it, it becomes violent and the government turns authoritarian. That is what is going on now. Unfortunately, so far, Democrats have embraced their hard-left base because there are so many of them. They would never win higher office if they abandoned them.

Republicans don’t have a KKK/Nazi problem but Democrats have a communism problem.


This woman is instructing protestors at Hart Senate building to go to the subway tunnels and later to the offices to confront Senators. She’s advising them to tell their stories. The next is of a man leading the minions around and another woman giving instruction. There are more on Mr. Giesea’s Twitter page.


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