Venezuela, The Other Cuba


College students are protesting in the streets against the Maduro regime in Venezuela because of the increasing poverty and food shortages. The protests have turned violent with 28 dead, 300 injured and 1500 arrested.

Maduro isn’t about to rectify the problems he has created, but he has found a scapegoat in the United States and the Obama Administration.

This week, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Elias Jaua called Secretary John Kerry a “murderer” and blamed him for fomenting the unrest that is actually a direct result of Maduro oppressing his own people. Last Thursday, Kerry accused Maduro of waging a “terror campaign” to repress its own citizens.

Since President Nicolas Maduro assumed power in February, Maduro has been blaming Washington for the protests by the young insurgents who have vowed to stay on the streets until he resigns.

The students have a site on youtube called #sos venezuela. One of the videos is posted below. Be forewarned, it’s very graphic.

Venezuela is experiencing an annual inflation rate of 56 percent and regular shortages of consumer goods which is precipitating the unrest. Maduro, the former 51-year old bus driver turned president, continually blames right-wing conspiracies in DC for the problems in his country. In a speech at a military rally two days ago, Maduro warned Obama to not try and assassinate him.

Toilet paper, rice and coffee have long been missing from stores but the Venezuelan president blames a CIA plot for the chronic shortages, the guardian reported in September. Food shortages have gone on for more than a year. Other than oil, Venezuela produces almost nothing and even oil production is down. There is a lack of hard currency.

Mimicking his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro is blaming DC for all the damage he himself is inflicting on his country. At a military rally two days ago, Maduro, the former 51-year old bus driver, warned President Obama not to assassinate him.

Protests have been going on since February. Protesters have camped out in the Caracas square for six weeks. The square is a hot spot for protesters. 

During the military rally, Maduro promised to remove protesters around the country by force.

“I’m giving the Chuckys, the killers, just a few hours,” Maduro said, using the name of the murderous horror film doll to describe anti-government demonstrators who have made the normally genteel 1940s square a base of operations.

“If they don’t retreat, I’m going to liberate those spaces with the security forces,” Maduro added. “They have a few hours to go home … Chuckys, get ready. We’re coming for you.”

His forces did go in with tear gas, according to the guardian, and cleared most of the people in the square. Protesters promised to return for a march in Caracas on Sunday to protest the presence of Cuban advisers for Venezuela’s armed forces.

Venezuela protests

Security forces clearing the square with tear gas.

Venezuela should be a rich country. They have oil, a good climate, fertile land, and access to international markets but it is sinking into the dark abyss of communism and narco-terrorism. Venezuela is supported by Cuban military forces and Colombian drug cartels for whom they provide a secure route for the Colombian cocaine trade.

Panam Post reported that the Maduro government is supported by 7,000 Cuban military, 30,000 Cuban medical and support personnel, as well as several high ranking Cuban officers providing tactical and strategic support.

The forces are behind Maduro and the protests are far less intense than they were under Chavez. Venezuela is the new Cuba and it is a failing narco-terrorist state.


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