Very annoying Chris Wallace tries to embarrass Sen. Graham & fails


“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace tried to embarrass Senator Lindsey Graham by blindsiding him with an old video of him from the Clinton era. Mind you, Wallace never tries to trip up Democrats. In fact, he recently slobbered over “Mayor Pete,” during the far-left candidate’s town hall on Fox News.

The old clip Wallace resurrected seemed to show Graham espousing a different view towards the impeachment of Bill Clinton than the current impeachment threat against Donald Trump.

“You call all of what’s going on in Washington a circus, but you took a different view back when you were leading the impeachment effort against Bill Clinton back in the late ’90s,” Wallace said. “At that time you said that any president, and you talk specifically about Clinton and Richard Nixon, who defied Congress when it came to subpoenas was in danger of impeachment.”

In the clip, Graham is heard saying, “You’re becoming the judge and jury, it is not your job to tell us what we need, it is your job to comply with things that we need to provide oversight over you.”


“Question: Why is it an impeachable offense for Clinton or Nixon back then to ignore a congressional subpoena, but it’s okay for President Trump to do now?” asked the annoying Wallace.

Graham explained that the Trump probe had a special counsel to determine if the President committed a crime and the President cooperated fully, giving 1.4 million documents to Mueller. The President never claimed executive privilege. Graham added that Mueller was the final word for him.

[Clinton was guilty and he didn’t cooperate]

Graham called the Democrats current efforts with their 20 investigations — “political revenge.”

“So if Clinton had stiffed [independent counsel] Ken Starr, that’s different,” he added. “What Nadler is doing is trying to destroy the president and his family. If I were the president, I would fight back against this political revenge coming out of the House.”

Rep. Jerrold Nadler is the chair of the House Judiciary and he is openly and mindlessly out for revenge and destruction.

There is also the little fact that Clinton was guilty of crimes. He committed perjury and obstructed justice. He was impeached and later on, he was acquitted, but not because he was innocent. President Trump has committed no crimes and is a victim of a partisan witch hunt.



  1. Graham gave the usual unimpressive lukewarm challenge to Wallace. Real leaders with courage fight back harder. Wallace is a coward and can easily be put off balance with some strong resistance.

  2. Graham didn’t answer the question. The only thing Wallace is guilty of is letting Graham get by with a pussy-fied answer.
    Graham is a hypocrite. Plain and simple.

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