“Very Serious Problem with Leadership at the FBI” Says Congressman


“There is a “very serious problem with leadership at the FBI”, Rep. Bob Goodlatte told a Fox News host Sunday. The Virginia representative is a serious congressman and is not given to hyperbole.

He explained to host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures that there is justified criticism of agents Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, former Director James Comey and Andrew McCabe.

While he didn’t say it, it’s obvious people are losing faith in the FBI and DoJ.

Perhaps as a result of damage to the agency’s image, FBI Director Christopher Wray put pressure on Andrew McCabe to leave immediately instead of March as planned.

McCabe did step down Monday, within 12 hours of Christopher Wray reading the House Intelligence Committee FISA abuse memo.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter said McCabe has been removed since December. It’s really funny that wasn’t leaked. Carter says more resignations are coming.

Many of the pieces are coming together and both Page and Strzok are at the center of it all, Rep. Goodlatte said Sunday in the interview. What he said at the end should concern every American: “There is a very serious problem with leadership at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and it’s very concerning.”


As soon as the information came out today about McCabe’s dismissal, NBC News reported that Trump was mean to McCabe after the Comey firing and complained of McCabe’s wife’s politics. That’s an all-too-timely news story to be legitimate. If it’s not fake, does anyone care, given that our FBI leadership is corrupt? Shouldn’t that be the story?

Another distraction came out of the NY Times within hours of the McCabe announcement. The Times reported that Wray let McCabe go under pressure by the White House. That’s the story they want you to buy into. Why believe them? The Times also released a fake story last week claiming Trump ordered the firing of Robert Mueller.

It’s apparent that McCabe is an anchor around the neck of the FBI. He is said to be mentioned in the Memo which could be released as early as this evening.

Listen to Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s concerns after he read the “stunning” texts and other intelligence.

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