Very Surprising HHS Analysis on Ted Cruz’s Amendment to the Healthcare Bill


There has been a lot of criticism of the Cruz Amendment to the Republican healthcare bill but an analysis by the Department of Health and Human Services has some very unexpected news.

The Amendment, which allows insurers to offer any plan as long as they offer one Obamcare-compliant plan will lower premiums and increase enrollment.

For example, those who sign up for the Obama Silver plan, who are generally in the high risk category, would pay $380 per month by 2024, instead of $845. Those with plans outside the Obama mandated plan, would pay $240 per month on average by 2024. Under this analysis, the non-Obama plans maintain a $12,000 deductible.

HHS says enrollment would increase.

Cruz wants the more liberal Republicans to take the Amendment seriously. A revised Cruz Amendment puts all individuals into a single pool and doesn’t divide them according to high risk or lower risk. He believes Republicans who are not conservative will more likely vote for the single pool.

Politico reported on the HHS findings but is dedicated to dismembering the HHS analysis. The fact is, however, that nothing could be worse than Obamacare. It’s failing, and, no matter what phony polls they put up, Obamacare is also very unpopular.

The GOP needs to take the Cruz Amendment seriously. It gives more freedom of choice which they claim they want.

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