Vet Tells Pelosi One Immigration Problem “Is the Rape Tree in My Backyard”


During the townhall with Nancy Pelosi last night, Dr. Mike Vickers, a veterinarian, told her a problem with the immigration system are the “rape trees in my backyard”. The beheaded woman on his property and the staggering body count are also problems pointed to by Dr. Vickers.

rape tree

Children as young as two years of age have been left behind by the cartels along with pregnant women. One 11-year old died climbing a gate. He had been left behind by the cartel.

Many of the women are sexually assaulted. One of the most disturbing events for his wife was when she found a rape tree 300 feet from his property.

Dr. Vickers asked about the border wall and sanctuary cities. Nancy is opposed to the wall because she thinks it’s not effective. Suddenly, she’s concerned about spending.

She will continue to fight for sanctuary cities and is incapable of learning.

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