Veterans Affairs to Take Benefits From Wartime Veterans, Including WWII, Korean War Vets


President Obama visited a VA Hospital in Arizona yesterday saying things are getting better.

“It’s important that veterans know that somebody’s got their backs, and that if there are problems that we’re not being defensive about it, not hiding it,” Obama said on a visit to the Phoenix VA Medical Center.

It seems, however, that new rule changes will make matters worse.

There is currently a provision that gives a pension – an earned benefit – to war time veterans when they reach age 65.

The new rule turns this earned benefit into a welfare benefit with a sliding scale that will be stricter than Medicaid guidelines.

The rule is retroactive with no grandfather clause.

The people being hit will mostly be WW II and Korean War veterans who have served and earned this benefit. They count on it.

The VA will look into elderly veterans checkbooks to see whether they made any transfers that qualify them for this benefit.

What it means is vets who use healthcare trusts to pay for healthcare costs can no longer put that money into an account to pay for those things so instead of being able to live in assisted living, they will have to live in Medicaid nursing homes.

This is only one of countless VA problems. Unwieldy big government can’t do the job. They make things worse in their attempts to save costs.

President Obama’s visits to VA hospitals are vacuous empty gestures. They’re photo ops.


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