VETO Despite a Useless Congress! Dems Plan Override!


Congress won’t fix our border problem, which is growing by the day, literally. This crisis has left our border patrol and ICE agents in a desperate state. Cartels have taken over entire regions in the United States and tens of thousands are dying from the poison they sell.

Who knows how many terrorists slipped through.

There are way too many dependents coming in and at least 63 percent of illegal aliens live on the dole. It’s simply not affordable.

We have people coming in who hate us.


It is a crisis and still, our Congress will not act.

A dozen Republicans joined with Senate Democrats on Thursday to back the joint resolution disapproving of Trump’s emergency declaration. At this point, it’s traitorous.

Trump declared the emergency to authorize moving $3.6 billion from a military construction budget to an effort to construct physical barriers along the southern border.

They won’t even allow him to do this one thing. A Gallup poll showed that five million people are planning to come into the U.S. illegally in the next twelve months. It may give Democrats their permanent electoral majority, and the traitorous Chamber of Commerce their cheap labor, but it will also destroy the nation.

That is disgusting.

Congress could stop this massive flow of anonymous people in a day if they wanted. Close the loopholes to the amnesty provision and that would end the massive flow. But the hard left’s idea is to pervert our amnesty laws. They want open borders.

Democrats plan a vote to override the President’s veto!

House Democrats are planning a March 26 vote to override President Trump’s veto of a bill that revokes his border wall emergency declaration.


Flanked by law enforcement officials as well as the parents of children killed by people in the country illegally – Angel Moms, Trump says “our immigration system is stretched beyond the breaking point” and calls the congressional action “dangerous” and “reckless.”

After he signed the veto, he handed the pen to an Angel Mom.

Watch the signing:

Trump’s response on Twitter was perfect.


This is Trump’s first veto, but the leftist media is making it into a catastrophe, calling him a dictator. What Trump did is legal and there is a precedent for it. Of course, there is a crisis. How stupid do they think we are?

Rush said earlier today:

Do you know how many times Reagan used the veto? Seventy-eight times. He was overridden nine times. Bush 44 was overridden once. Clinton cast 47 vetoes; two were overridden. George W. Bush cast 12 vetoes; four were overridden. Obama had 12 vetoes; one was overridden. And if you go back even further, FDR used the veto 635 times. Here is Trump using it once, and they’re in a veritable conniption panic over the fact that Trump is acting like a dictator and not following the will of the people and so forth.



  1. The US is in a crisis with the far left dems and left republicans. At this point the legislative branch has nearly nullified the Trump presidency. Of course, they had help from Trump, who signed the illegal immigration stimulus bill. An override is not impossible. The level of betrayal in the republican party is high.

  2. The nation is the highest-level social group of real significance for the vast majority of people around the world. From ‘The Great Delusion’ ‘Liberal Dreams and International Realities’ by John J. Mearsheimer.

  3. In an effort to irritate our President, members of congress are acting stupid. This is disgusting to me and millions of other Americans. News- in case, you don’t understand, you congress members are there to respresent the citizens of this country. We didn’t send you there to play games. You are there to work together for the good of the American people.We need that wall to protect Americans in many ways from the people coming illegally across the border.

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