Victims Of The MTA Tax

More than 8,000 MTA workers made more than $100,000

The MTA tax is in every bill. It is a tax that affects every payroll. The MTA would apparently be bankrupt without the tax. Long Island is paying the price for their inadequacies. A friend just rented a car and the tax was over 19%. When she asked why, the employee said, “MTA!” Long Island won’t survive this tax. The MTA needs to be overhauled and Long Island should not have to pay the price for inefficiency, top-heavy patronage jobs and a LIRR, which one speaker accurately decried as a disgrace.

An anti-MTA tax rally and conference was held by Senator Lee Zeldin today, April 10th, in the lobby of Pride Products. State Senator Zeldin vowed to put forth a bill to repeal the payroll tax. The event was attended by dozens of constituents, Assemblymen Graf and Murray, Councilman Tim Mazzei, Bill Schoolman owner of Hampton Luxury Liner and Ken Auerbach, a lawyer from Patchogue. Mr. Schoolman and Mr. Auerbach are both involved in separate lawsuits contesting the legality of the MTA tax. Unfortunately, Mr. Auerbach’s suit has been moved to NYC. It’s highly unlikely that NYC courts will rule in favor of Long Island.

The MTA tax will cause serious harm to small businesses and government agencies on Long Island in the view of business owners. The MTA is an inefficient organization trying to survive on an insignificant relationship with the MTA. Long Island businesses in most cases do not use the MTA. The tax is unfair, unlawful and now abusing neighboring counties.

The owners of Pride Products, David and Roya Emrani, began their business in a garage and a Ford van in Farmingdale, NY. The business grew into a multi-million dollar business. He talked about Long Island having the highest costs in energy, insurance, real estate, and corporate taxes. Now they also have the MTA payroll tax. As he said, China recently raised the taxes on companies to slow the rate of currency growth because they were growing too quickly.

What does it say when China taxes to SLOW growth. Mr. Emrani said there is an expression he grew up with and that is to enjoy the eggs but keep the chicken. He said we keep eating but there’s no chicken.

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