Victoria Nuland Rewarded for Her Role in Benghazi Cover-Up



Photo of Victoria Nuland, Obama babe

Victoria Nuland, the unpleasant spokesperson for the State Department, is being promoted by the Obama administration despite the fact that she was the voice behind the changing Talking Points which are at the heart of the Benghazi cover-up.

Nuland is the one whose name is all over the Benghazi e-mails in which she said the original Talking Points needed to be changed because it made the State Department look unprepared (they were) and it mentioned al Qaeda, which the administration is pretending have gone away into the ethos somewhere.

In the e-mails, she expressed concern that the points would be used against them (that is generally what happens when one screws up).

Nowhere in the cables/e-mails did she ever express concern for the people in the consulate and in the safe house.

When she responded in the e-mails on 9/14/12, she said “building leadership” would be unhappy with the original Talking Points, an obvious reference to Hillary Clinton.

The final Talking Points did not reflect the reality of what happened that night.

This appointment is an in-your-face, shot across the bow, arrogant slam at the GOP. The hearing should be interesting.

Nuland has a great resume but insiders say she is roundly disliked for her arrogant, condescending, combative style. Now they can add liar and manipulator to that.

She is nominated to the position of assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs.


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