[Video] Former Mall Employee Says Roy Moore Was Banned for Bothering Teen Girls


Update: We really need to update this. We saw this mall worker and we now raise you a mall manager who says Roy Moore was not banned from the mall, read more here.

Moore told his staff today that he will not drop out and will see this through to the end despite the hits he’s taking. The latest polls show Moore is ahead of his opponent by six points with 8 percent undecided.

The problem with this election is the opponent, Doug Jones is far-left and supported by Soros groups. Alabamans are in a tough position. Moore’s transgressions are also about 38 years old. It appears he led an exemplary personal life since that time.

We are trying to be fair to Roy Moore in reporting this story because we remember Duke LaCrosse, the UVA rape case, the Columbia U mattress girl, the Washington Post’s repeated lies, the hate coming from the establishment Republicans. However, we want to be fair to the female accusers as well. If they are telling the truth, it takes courage to report something like this.

Therefore, we are presenting this interview for your consideration. Keep in mind, this is still an unverified account. In other words, it’s solicited gossip.

CNN reporter Gary Tuchman interviewed a former mall employee who corroborated an embarrassing story that said Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore had been banned at the mall for approaching young females.

After Roy Moore married in 1985, the gossip appeared to stop.

Do malls have lists? We’d like to see it and have this investigated.

Here’s the CNN interview with Greg Legat:


    • I’m glad you mentioned that. We did write an update but forgot to link here. It’s linked now. Without evidence, Moore is presumed innocent.

  1. We should all remember one important point. It wasn’t that long ago that Republicans wanted NO part of the “social Conservatives” in the party. NOW, they have shown they do NOT want them walking in the halls of Congress.With recent revelations it appears Congress is a “house of sex addicts”. Maybe they are deathly afraid of being exposed, in more ways than one. The perversions in DC are known to go back during the time of the Reagan Administration. It’s doubtful much has changed since then.

  2. I have a hard time making a big deal out of this. 40 years ago … it appears that that is the very best that the left can come up with, because if it was something more current, they would have it. They are desperate to not have him elected, and are throwing everything they can at him. The Dems also introduced their articles of impeachment … ludicrous upon ludicrous … and it will continue. this is a fight to the death for the left.

  3. We’ve entered the Twilight Zone of hyperbole. Is it now nefarious that a person chooses a place that is more likely in finding a “date”. Remember also, there was a time that mere loitering in public places caused authorities to get involved. Nowadays parents will drop their children off in all kinds of places without supervision and no one is concerned.

    Most of the complaints stem from the “age difference” between Moore and the women. Well, let’s see, Moore’s current wife is 14 yrs his junior. Is that too much difference. Well, McConnell’s wife is 11 yrs HIS junior. Should we NOW make accusations about McConnell chasing younger women.

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