Horrifying Video of the Moment Florida Airport Killer Began Shooting


TMZ posted this video that catches the Florida killer Esteban Santiago the moment he started killing and wounding people. The website only shows the first few seconds when he casually walks up to the carousel, pulls a gun from his waistband and starts calmly shooting anyone in his way. You can see the panic in the crowd.

The 26-year old looks and behaves like a terrorist as he pulls out a 9mm handgun. Why can’t people accept that some people are just evil?

Santiago murdered five people and two others are fighting for their lives in the hospital. From the video, he appears deliberate, very aware, and cold-blooded. He did make any declarations to Allah however.

If he was a terrorist who swore allegiance to the jihad, no one in the administration suspects that. Jake Tapper of fake news station CNN asked Defense Secretary Ash Carter if he’s concerned the U.S. hasn’t done enough to help veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental issues.

The two then had a discussion about PTSD. Terrorism never came up.

That’s it then. The government has decided he has PTSD.

The killer was posting with a Muslim name on Islamist websites, chanting his allegiance to Allah in 2007. He went to Iraq in 2010.

He might be mentally ill. Last November, he walked into an FBI office and told the agents the CIA was making him watch ISIS videos. That could have been real or feigned.

A right-wing website, TruePundit, found his name variations – strange.

Read more about the cold-blooded Ft. Lauderdale killer below.

Breaking…Florida Airport Killer Was Aashiq Hammad in 2007

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