Video of Cruz Telling Trump Supporter He’s a Chump Goes Viral


cruz debates

Ted Cruz decided to debate Trump supporters today for some reason. It’s hard to say how this will go over but these particular Trump supporters were angry and impolite.

When Cruz asked one man what he liked about Trump, he responded by saying the ‘wall’ while angry people screamed and mocked Cruz in the background, some were funny. The entire conversation was every bit as unenlightening.

As Cruz tried to make points, the guy asked him where his “Goldman Sachs jacket is at”.

Cruz told the supporter(s) that they were being made into chumps by Trump. Trump’s chumps.

I like Cruz but perhaps this wasn’t wise.

People believe Cruz is a politician in the pocket of the establishment which he clearly isn’t. Trump convinced the public that Cruz is a liar though he isn’t.

I give Cruz credit for confronting them for almost seven minutes but these people are typical of ardent, unwavering Trump supporters, and they were heckling him before he walked over. They were telling him to go back to Canada and calling him ‘lyin’ Ted’.

As the man he was speaking with said, “I believe in Trump.” They won’t change their minds.

Cruz made some excellent points but they couldn’t hear.

This was a case of a Harvard debater going up against the common man who goes by his gut. Who do you think won?