Video of Kidnapped Children Escaping Bus Set on Fire by Migrant


A Senegalese migrant with Italian citizenship kidnapped a bus with 51 children and three chaperones, ordered their hands bound, and threatened them with death during the drive. He told the bus filled with two middle school classes that “no one would survive today.”

The 40-something Senegalese-born lunatic was angry about the new anti-illegal immigration policies, proving the policies are right by his very actions. He later said he sought revenge for migrants who drowned in the Mediterranean.

A student said the driver took all their phones and ordered the chaperones to bind the students’ hands with cable ties, threatening to spill gas and set the bus ablaze.


One student was able to get a phone that had fallen to the floor. Some reports said that a couple of people were able to hide phones.

Authorities said that an adult called an emergency operator, while one of the students called a parent, and they alerted authorities, who set up roadblocks. The bus was intercepted on the outskirts of Milan by three Carabinieri vehicles, which were able to force it into the guardrail, a police spokesman said.

While police kept the driver busy, other officers broke the back windows and forced open the back door. During the evacuation, the maniac set the bus on fire.

One student was interviewed on TV.  “We were all very afraid because the driver had emptied the gas canister onto the floor (of the bus.) He tied us up and took all the telephones so we could not call the police,” the student said.

“One of the telephones, belonging to a classmate, fell to the ground, so I pulled off the handcuffs, hurting myself a bit, and went and picked it up. We called the Carabinieri and the police.”

Sy, who became an Italian citizen in 2004, had been convicted in 2007 and 2011 of drunken driving and sexual molestation of a minor. He drove for the same bus company for 15 years without incident.

He was taken to the hospital with minor burns and later charged with terrorism, suspicion of attempted kidnapping and attempted massacre.

All the children and chaperones are okay. Some were taken to the hospital for minor injuries, mostly scratches, smoke inhalation, and shock.




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